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Wolframs-Eschenbach Museum  Museum Wolfram von Eschenbach
Museum Wolfram von Eschenbach .

Museum Wolfram von Eschenbach

Wolfram Eschenbach is one of the most important writers and epic poets of the Middle Ages and the poet of the prominent epic "Parzival". There is not much preserved from his life and since 1989 it has been considered to establish a museum for the emponym of the town. The result is a multimedial museum. Considering architecture, colours and forms the museum brings literature close to the visitor and makes one feel like going through a piece of artwork. Furthermore, the museum offers guided tours with an audioguide.

Museum Wolfram von Eschenbach
Wolfram-von-Eschenbach-Platz 9
91639 Wolframs-Eschenbach
Telefon +49 (0) 98 75/ 97 55-34

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