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Colmberg BurgColmberg Rittersaal

Restaurant "Zur Remise" im Hotel Burg Colmberg

Colmberg Castle impresses from afar with its massive walls, which provide a cinematic backdrop. The light-flooded winter garden, the restaurant "Zur Remise" or the cosy fireplace hall invite you to enjoy the down-to-earth castle kitchen. Game dishes such as deer's shovel, game salami or deer pâté take a special place on the menu. The strong dark beer "Schwarzer Ritter" is served exclusively at the castle. Wine connoisseurs enjoy the castle's own castle bar in white or red. A "Tin Lizzy" built in 1917 makes the hearts of classic car fans beat faster and shows that the senior chef shares their passion.

Restaurant "Zur Remise" im Hotel Burg Colmberg
An der Burgenstraße
91598 Colmberg
Telefon +49 (0) 9803 91920

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