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Cafe Viktoria Eberbach Garten  Eberbach - Cafe Viktoria
Eberbach - Cafe Viktoria.

Viktoria Konditorei - Café Spezialitätenversand

Taste the queen of cakes!

The world-famous cake "Viktoria-von-Eberbach" was crowned as the "best cake of Germany" in 2012. Enjoy a piece of the creation in our idyllic garden- and street-cafe, which has already delighted Queen Elizabeth in the Buckingham-Palace in 1962.


Begin your day with swing! At a varying breakfast-buffet in the Viktoria Cafe.

Opening hours:

Monday to Saturday: 7.45 am until 6.30 pm
Sundays and public holidays: 8.00 am until 6.00 pm


Viktoria Konditorei - Café Spezialitätenversand
Friedrichstraße 5-9
69412 Eberbach
Telefon + 49 (0) 62 71 20 18