With your vintage car on the Castle Road


Historical walls and historical vehicles. A trip in a vintage car on the Castle Road brings the two together. Along the main route with a length of 780 kilometres you will pass idyllic and varied landscapes. On the way, around 60 castles and palaces, vintage car and technology museums can be discovered.

The Premium Partner Hotels of the Castle Road offer you a pleasant stay with ideal conditions for drivers and automobiles. In the accompanying free brochure "Oldtimertouren" as well as in the interactive tour maps you will find an overview of suitable parking spaces at hosts and places of interest. 

Especially for classic car drivers, five tour suggestions have been worked out, which can serve as a starting point for your planning. Alternative routes to each tour lead you to great vintage car and technology museums and through scenic areas off the main route.

5 tours – 770 kilometers


 Front Castle and Middle Castle in Neckarsteinach

Tour 1: Mannheim – Sinsheim

From the Kurpfalz through the Neckar valley to the Kraichgau.
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 Waldenburg high above the Hohenlohe Plain

Tour 2: Sinsheim – Rothenburg o.d.T.

From the Kraichgau through the Hohenlohe Country to the Tauber valley.
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 Cadolzburg Castle

Tour 3: Rothenburg o.d.T. – Nuremberg

From the Romantic Franconia to the Franconian Lake District.
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 View of the UNESCO World Heritage town of Bamberg

Tour 4: Nuremberg – Bamberg

From Kaiserburg Castle through Franconian Switzerland to World Heritage Site.
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 New Palace in the Hermitage in Bayreuth

Tour 5: Bamberg – Bayreuth

From world cultural heritage to world cultural heritage. All information about the tour