Tour 1


On the Road between Mannheim and Mosbach

10 castles and palaces - 92 kilometres

The baroque palace of Mannheim with its famous facade with over 400 metres ranks among the biggest castles in Europe. It forms an impressive start for a journey along the castle road.

A few kilometres further visitors can enjoy Schwetzingen Palace as well as the palace garden: a work of art with European status. The next stop is Heidelberg with its worldfamous palace, which is the romantic reason for visitors from all over the world to visit the city on the Neckar.

Here, the Castle Road turns into the Neckar Valley and follows the meandering river. The scenery is then dominated by the numerous knight's castles high above the valley, which lie side by side and live up to the name Castle Road. In Neckarelz the route briefly leaves the Neckar Valley and makes a trip to Mosbach, the destination of this tour.