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Kooperation "Romantisches Franken"

Wolframs-Eschenbach Unteres-Tor  Wolframs-Eschenbach – Lower gate
Wolframs-Eschenbach – Lower gate.

The cooperation "Romantic Franconia" is formed along the Castle Road by the Middle Franconian towns of Colmberg with its castle, Lichtenau with its fortress and Wolframs-Eschenbach.

Wolframs-Eschenbach, which lies sheltered within a completely preserved city wall, is known as the city of the Minstrels and the Teutonic Order. The Teutonic Order wanted to build "beautiful towns" and "delicious houses", and so to this day magnificent half-timbered facades, the Teutonic Order castle and the tower of the Liebfrauenmünster dominate the image of the town. In the 1970s, the town even served as the location for the famous Räuber-Hotzenplotz movie with Gert Fröbe.

The history of Wolframs-Eschenbach was determined for more than 600 years by the Teutonic Order, which received the village as a gift from the Counts of Wertheim at the beginning of the 13th century. Eschenbach was also a station on the medieval long-distance trade route from Nuremberg to Strasbourg, making it a secular and spiritual centre. In 1332, Emperor Ludwig the Bavarian granted the town charter. In 1796 Prussia withdrew the Teutonic Order from the city, and in 1806 it fell to the Kingdom of Bavaria.

Around 1160/80 the famous minstrel Wolfram von Eschenbach was born here. For this reason the Bavarian King Ludwig III allowed the renaming of the town to Wolframs-Eschenbach in 1917.

Wolframs-Eschenbach Hauptstrasse FotoJ.Albright  Wolframs-Eschenbach - Main Street
Wolframs-Eschenbach - Main Street.
Wolframs-Eschenbach Weiher FotoJimAlbright  Wolframs-Eschenbach - Pond
Wolframs-Eschenbach - Pond.
Wolframs-Eschenbach Stadtmauer-Treppe FotoJ.Albright  Wolframs-Eschenbach – Stairs at the city wall
Wolframs-Eschenbach – Stairs at the city wall.
Wolframs-Eschenbach Stadtmauer  Wolframs-Eschenbach – City wall
Wolframs-Eschenbach – City wall.
Wolframs-Eschenbach Traube FotoJimAlbright  Wolframs-Eschenbach - View through the main street to the Upper Gate
Wolframs-Eschenbach - View through the main street to the Upper Gate.
Wolframs-Eschenbach Rundgang-Stadtmauer  Wolframs-Eschenbach - City wall with Starvation Tower and Citizen Tower
Wolframs-Eschenbach - City wall with Starvation Tower and Citizen Tower.
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