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Burg Guttenberg

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Guttenberg Castle Guttenberg Castle, located high above the Neckar River valley, belongs to the few undamaged castle buildings from the Staufer period. The castle is in the possession of the barons of Gemmingen-Guttenberg since 1449, has always been inhabited and, until today, completely preserved. Guttenberg Castle was founded in approximately 1180. When the castle was first mentioned in 1296, it was in the possession of the lords of Weinsberg. The last lord was Conrad von Weinsberg. As royal.... [More about Burg Guttenberg]

Burg Guttenberg  Haßmersheim-Neckarmuehlbach - Guttenberg Castle
Haßmersheim-Neckarmuehlbach - Guttenberg Castle.

Burg Guttenberg

Guttenberg Castle

Guttenberg Castle, high above the Neckar river valley, is one of the few intact castle complexes from the time of the Staufers, which have remained up to our own time. The castle became the "Wartburg of southern Germany", when it offered the reformers protection in its walls.

The award-winning exhibition "Life in a Knight's castle" can be seen in the castle museum. In the castle complex are also the castle tavern with terraces and a wonderful view of the Neckar river valley, as well as the German bird of prey center, which shows fllight demonstrations with eagles, vultures and other birds of prey daily at 11 am and at 3 pm.

Guided tours for groups through the castle museum with a member of the owner family are offered throughout the year - also outside of the opening hours. An advanced booking is necessary.

Burg Guttenberg
74855 Haßmersheim-Neckarmühlbach
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