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Start of the year at the Castle Road

 Schwäbisch Hall - Hallia Venezia

In the first months of the new year, numerous highlights on the Castle Road offer the opportunity to welcome the new year - musically with the Baroque Festival "Winter in Schwetzingen", colourful with "Hallia Venezia", or even traditional with the Horse Markets in Heilbronn and Öhringen, or the Town Holiday in Kirchberg an der Jagst. Read more here

Caravan brochure 2018

 Caravan brochure 2018

Available for friends of camper van tours is the brochure "discovery tours along the Castle Road with the camper" which contains the caravan parking spaces, refreshment points, leisure and sport activities and also walks with the dog. Only in german language and free of charge.

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Bayreuth - Reopening of the Margravial Opera House

 Bayreuth - Margravial Opera House

The festive reopening of the Margravial Opera House in Bayreuth will take place on 12 April 2018 after a five-year  renovation period. The reopening of the Margravial Opera House will be accompanied by a comprehensive programme of themed tours and other attractions relating to the restoration, art and history of the Opera House. Further information

Let's go to the great knight's exhibition



Not quite at the Castle Road, but very close, there is a big activity-exhibition for children aged 4 years and older from October 1st, 2017 until April 8th, 2018. "Welcome to the castle" it says, when the exhibition "The Knights. Life in the castle" in the old palace in Stuttgart is shown.
What did a knight do all day long? Who else lived in the castle? Which tasks did the girls have? - all these questions are examined. Stagings and more than 60 activity stations explain everything about the education, the training and the daily life of a knight to the young visitors. Further information (only in German)

350 years asparagus cultivation in Schwetzingen

Under the motto "Schwetzingen shows head" the city celebrates the special anniversary "350 years asparagus cultivation" with a wealth of activities, but also with new creations around the royal vegetable. Learn more

Bamberg celebrates 25th anniversary world heritage site

 Bamberg - Guided Tour

Since 1993 the Old Town of Bamberg is UNESCO world heritage. On the occasion of the anniversary there is an extended programme with guided tours, performances, discussions, attractions for children, concerts and exhibitions. Additionally the special guided tour "doors and gates to Bamberg" has been created, where the world heritage can be experienced from complete different point of views. Further information

"Hotel Recommendations for Connoisseurs"

 Romantik Hotel Der Adelshof Schwäbisch Hall -

You are in especially good hands in the Premium Partner Hotels of the Castle Road, wich set a clear counterpoint to rush and randomness and link your journey back in time with the comfort of our days very well. The seventeen hotels introduce themselves in the brochure "Hotel Recommendations for Connoisseurs". Order brochures here