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Coburg is idyllically located in the north of Bavaria, between the upper Main valley and the Thuringian forest, which thanks to the Dukes of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha has an abundance of historical buildings, art treasures, fortresses and castles. There was an early settlement dating from the 9th and 10th centuries at the foot of the castle complex. In 1056 the name of Coburg was first mentioned, the naming of the town followed in 1182. In 1240 a Franciscan monastery was established. From 1250 to 1290.... [More about Coburg]

Coburg Veste ©TourismusCoburg  Coburg Fortress
Coburg Fortress.Coburg Veste Aussenmauer2 GK 2019  Coburg Fortress - High Bastion
Coburg Fortress - High Bastion.Coburg Veste Torbogen2 GK 2019  Coburg Fortress - view into the inner courtyard
Coburg Fortress - view into the inner courtyard.Coburg Veste innen GK 2019  Coburg Fortress - Princely building
Coburg Fortress - Princely building.Coburg Veste-Jagdintasiernzimmer ©Kunstsammlungen-der-Veste-Coburg www.kunstsammlungen-coburg.de  Coburg Fortress - intarsia room
Coburg Fortress - intarsia room.Coburg Veste Hof GK 2019  Coburg Fortress - Stone Bower
Coburg Fortress - Stone Bower.Coburg Veste-mit-Landschaft1 GK 2019  Coburg Fortress
Coburg Fortress.

Veste Coburg

Coburg Fortress

The "Crown of Franconia" is one of the best-preserved and largest medieval castle complexes in Germany. Visible from miles away, it dominates not only the cityscape with its buildings, towers, defensive walls and bastions, but also the landscape itself within a large radius. For centuries it was the residence of various sovereigns and host to high-ranking personalities of contemporary history, including first and foremost, Martin Luther, who found refuge here for almost six months in 1530. In 1632 the castle was unsuccessfully besieged by the chief commander of the imperial armies of Albrecht von Wallenstein.

Veste Coburg
Kunstsammlungen der Veste Coburg
Veste 1
96450 Coburg
Telefon +49 (0) 95 61/ 8 79-0
Telefax +49 (0) 95 61/ 8 79-66

Coburg Ehrenburg ©TourismusCoburg  Coburg - Ehrenburg Palace
Coburg - Ehrenburg Palace.Coburg SchlossEhrenburg-Thronsaal ©BayerischeSchloesserverwaltung-FotoVeronikaFreudlingMuenchen www.schloesser-coburg.de  Coburg - Throne room in Ehrenburg Castle
Coburg - Throne room in Ehrenburg Castle.Coburg SchlossEhrenburg Schlafzimmer-Herzogin-Luise ©03  Coburg - Bedroom of Duchess Luise in Ehrenburg Palace
Coburg - Bedroom of Duchess Luise in Ehrenburg Palace .CoburgVeste Ehrenburg 03  Coburg - View over Ehrenburg Castle to the Veste
Coburg - View over Ehrenburg Castle to the Veste.

Schloss Ehrenburg

Ehrenburg Castle

The former town residence of the Dukes of Coburg, which now has a 19th century Neo-Gothic appearance, looks back on 450 years of history. It was erected by Duke Johann Ernst from 1543 to 1547, who moved down from the castle to hold court in the newly constructed palace. After a fire, a three-wing Baroque extension was built in 1690. The palace church and the so-called Giant Hall are from this period. From 1810 the palace was clad in a Neo-Gothic façade by the Berlin architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel.

Schloss Ehrenburg
Schloss- und Gartenverwaltung Coburg
Schlossplatz 1
96450 Coburg
Telefon +49 (0) 95 61/ 80 88-0
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Coburg Schloss ©TourismusCoburg  Coburg - Callenberg Palace - summer residence of the dukes of Coburg
Coburg - Callenberg Palace - summer residence of the dukes of Coburg.

Schloss Callenberg

Callenberg Castle

Callenberg Castle was the summer residence of the Dukes of Coburg until 1945. It gives visitors a fascinating insight into the family history of the House of Saxe-Coburg and Saxe-Gotha, one of the most important European ruling dynasties until the end of the monarchies in 1918. Equally well documented is the royal lifestyle reflected in the richly furnished ducal apartments and the utmost significance of the Dukes as art collectors and patrons of the arts.

Schloss Callenberg
Herzoglicher Kunstbesitz SCG
Callenberg 1
96450 Coburg
Telefon +49 (0) 95 61/ 55 15-0
Telefax +49 (0) 95 61/ 81 45-20

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