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A huge number of events invite you to the Castle Road throughout the year. They awaken long-gone times, continue ancient traditions and fill historical places with life. Our calendar of events lists them - from "Master's Draught" (historical theatre) up to castle concerts, from knight tournaments to christmas markets - and shows you when it is especially worthwhile to "target" the Castle Road.

Please note: Not all event categories can be implemented as usual during this year. Please contact the event organisers directly for current measures, regulations and information before the start of the event. An overview of the generally applicable ordinances of the municipalities and districts can be found here.



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Rothenburg ob der Tauber
01.01.2019 - 31.12.2021Rothenburg-als-Landschaftsgarten

Rothenburg as Landscaped Garden - Theme Years 2019-2021

Within the framework of three thematic years, the topography of Rothenburg ob der Tauber will be visualized as a city and landscape image. With special exhibitions in the Medieval Crime Museum and the RothenburgMuseum, as well as various garden projects displaying hidden garden treasures and contemporary interpretations of the picturesque Rothenburg.

Further information

Rothenburg ob der Tauber
20.04.2019 - 31.12.2021Rothenburg Walter-John

"On the Way from Picturesque Rothenburg Views to Modernity - Walter John's Path to Abstraction"

Walter John (1910-1974), a painter strongly influenced by French modernism, lived and worked in Rothenburg ob der Tauber since the 1960s. The special exhibition at Galerie John traces his path from figuration to abstraction. Further information (only in German language)

Rothenburg ob der Tauber
07.03.2020 - 31.12.2021Rothenburg Plakat A2 Pittoresk
"Pittoresk" - theme years 2019 to 2021 in Rothenburg o.d.T..

Exhibition "Pittoresk! Self-Portrait - External Image - Re-Appropriation"

The exhibition at the RothenburgMuseum shows views of the city from the 18th century, Biedermeier and Romanticism and documents the transition to photography. The juxtaposition of self-image and the image of the other, of art and kitsch is supplemented by contemporary views of the city in photography, painting, social media and film.

Further information

Rothenburg ob der Tauber
19.09.2020 - 31.12.2021Rothenburg Pittoreskes-Taubertal  Rothenburg ob der Tauber - view of the Tauber valley
Rothenburg ob der Tauber - view of the Tauber valley.

Exhibition: "Rothenburg in London - Rothenburg's influence on the garden city movement"

As early as 1906 Rothenburg served as a model for the conception and construction of the garden city of Hampstead near London. Here, decent living conditions were to be created as a reaction to the undignified living conditions of workers in the cities at the time of industrialisation.

The special exhibition in the refectory of the RothenburgMuseum shows for the first time Rothenburg's role as an architectural model for the planning of the garden city Hampstead Suburb as well as for the garden city Hellerau near Dresden. Further information

01.01.2021 - 31.12.2021BambergJuden

Jewish life in Bamberg

Bamberg can look back on more than 1,000 years of Jewish-Christian coexistence. Numerous exhibitions and guided tours of the city will focus on the lives of Jews in Bamberg and the Bamberg region in the theme year 2021. All further information here

05.02.2021 - 10.12.2021
Start: 19:00 UhrBurg Rabenstein Gruseldinner ©Burg Rabenstein  Rabenstein Castle - Spooky Dinner - © Rabenstein Castle
Rabenstein Castle - Spooky Dinner - © Rabenstein Castle.

Spooky Dinner

Experience, how funny being given the creeps can be in an enjoyable way! At the spooky dinner you are a part of it, are involved or enjoy the happening from the viewer's perspective. Between the scenes the kitchen monsters serve you a delicious 4-course menu.

"Dracula": Feb. 5th, Nov. 6th 2021
"Jack the Ripper": Mar. 19th, Oct. 31st, Nov. 26th 2021
"Ein Biss für 2": Apr. 11th & 16th, May 12th 2021
"Geisterjäger John Sinclair": Apr. 10th, Dec. 10th 2021

€ 89 per person -  Further information

12.02.2021 - 29.12.2021
Start: 18:00 UhrBurg Rabenstein Wildschwein-Grillbuffet ©Burg Rabenstein  Rabenstein Castle - Wild Boar Barbecue Buffet - © Rabenstein Castle
Rabenstein Castle - Wild Boar Barbecue Buffet - © Rabenstein Castle.

Wild Boar Barbecue Buffet

Wild boar from the skewer:

  • Fresh crusty bread with herb butter and crackling lard
  • Colourful salad selection from the buffet
  • Cream soup with potatoes and leek
  • Wild boar from the skewer with dark beer sauce, potato dumplings & Bavarian cabbage
  • Assorted desserts

Let the evening find its end in the comfortable fireplace room of the castle!

€ 36,60 per person

Dates & further information (onyl in German)

13.02.2021 - 26.12.2021Burg Rabenstein Hoehlenevent - Sophie at night ©Burg Rabenstein  Rabenstein Castle - Cave Event
Rabenstein Castle - Cave Event "Sophie at night" & castle menu - © Rabenstein Castle.

Cave-Event: "Sophie at night" & Castle Menu



On selected dates, the splendor of the stalactite world can be marveled at in the Sophienhöhle cave in the natural paradise of Burg Rabenstein as part of a special program with a mulled wine reception and guided torchlight hike.

Dates and further information (only in German)

27.02.2021 - 19.12.2021
Start: 18:00 UhrBurg Rabenstein Feuriger Abend ©Burg Rabenstein  Rabenstein Castle - Firey Evening - © Rabenstein Castle
Rabenstein Castle - Firey Evening - © Rabenstein Castle.

Firey Evening - Firey Dishes, Fire Show & Burnt Punch

Enjoy an evening that will reach out to all senses at Rabenstein Castle. In the Knight's Halls a firey 4-course menu is served, a fire show enchants in the forecourt of the castle, and after the dessert, a burnt punch provides pleasant warmth and relaxation. The evening in front of open fire brings the nice ending of the event.

€ 49 per person

Further information (only in German)

05.03.2021 - 27.11.2021
Start: 19:00 UhrBurg Rabenstein Dinner Meets Magic mit Danny Ocean ©Burg Rabenstein  Rabenstein Castle - Dinner Meets Magic with Danny Ocean - © Rabenstein Castle
Rabenstein Castle - Dinner Meets Magic with Danny Ocean - © Rabenstein Castle.

Dinner Meets Magic

With the mentalist and magician Danny Ocean you will experience a magical evening with psychological refinement, magical fascination & culinary highlights. Let yourself be enchanted at a fine 4-course menu into a world of which you wouldn't even dream of. Things will happen, that do not seem to be able to be explained with laws of nature.

P.S. Bring your own fork...

€ 84 per person

Further information (only in German)

12.03.2021 - 20.11.2021Burg Rabenstein Whisky-Dinner ©Burg Rabenstein  Rabenstein Castle - Whisky Tasting - © Rabenstein Castle
Rabenstein Castle - Whisky Tasting - © Rabenstein Castle.

Whisky Dinner - Delights from Scotland

Where else could you enjoy the tasteful versatility of a scoth whisky better than in the classy castle ambience?

To the exquisite more course castle-menu there is a lot of information about the production of the scotch whisky and the opportunity to taste the different bottlings and flavours.

from € 89 per person - dates:  Mar. 12th, Nov. 19th, Nov. 20th, 2021

Further information (only in German)

13.03.2021 - 12.12.2021Burg Rabenstein Burgkonzert Pohl und Pohl ©Burg Rabenstein

Castle Concerts

Celtic sounds, piano concerts, opera arias, swing and blues or jazz - throughout the year, various concerts delight visitors to Rabenstein Castle.

Dates and further information

17.04.2021 - 10.12.2021
Start: 19:00 Uhr
End: 22:00 Uhr

Knights feast and dance of the flames

The most spectacular event at Guttenberg Castle: Culinary,
romance and action merge into one unique event for you and your loved ones.

Further information and dates

18.04.2021 - 13.02.2022Mannheim Rem EISZEIT Hoehlenloewe ©MarcSteinmetz  Reiss-Engelhorn-Museums Mannheim - Cave Lion
Reiss-Engelhorn-Museums Mannheim - Cave Lion.

Reiss-Engelhorn-Museums: Exhibition "Ice Age Safari"

Exhibition in the Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen Mannheim about life during the last ice age between 35.000 and 15.000 years before our time. More than 100 animal reconstructions, skeletons, plant preparations and interactive stations await visitors of all ages. Further information

Rothenburg ob der Tauber
01.05.2021 - 31.10.2021Rothenburg Gemaelde Arthur-WasseC RothenburgMuseum  Arthur Wasse, Landscape of gardens and houses in the Klingengasse, oil on canvas, ca. 1910 (RothenburgMuseum)
Arthur Wasse, Landscape of gardens and houses in the Klingengasse, oil on canvas, ca. 1910 (RothenburgMuseum).

Exhibition: "An encounter with Rothenburg - art and artists between 1830 and 1960" - postpones to 2022

For over one hundred and fifty years Rothenburg ob der Tauber has been considered a jewel of the German past. Artists, among them important English and Scottish painters such as Elias Bancroft, James Douglas, Arthur Wasse, immortalized the town in romantic pictures.

For the special exhibition in the Medieval Criminal Museum, many of these works will return to their place of origin. Further information 

01.05.2021 - 03.12.2021

Public feast of knights

Here the physical well-being is excellently provided for. Everyone is
armed with a dagger and can feast on plenty of roast meat and other
delicacies from the castle kitchen.

Further information and dates

22.05.2021 - 12.12.2021Cadolzburg

Concert Series of the J.G. Pisendel Society

The concerts of the concert series of the J.G. Pisendel-Society "Music in the Castle" take place in the extraordinary ambience of the "New Palace" of Cadolzburg. Here, beneath the massive roof truss, between the mighty sandstone walls, a concert becomes a very special experience.

Advance ticket sales: Town hall Markt Cadolzburg, phone: 0049 (0) 9103 / 509-27

Further information (only in German)

05.06.2021 - 17.10.2021
Start: 14:00 Uhr
End: 21:00 UhrHeilbronn Weinausschank-am-Wartberg  Heilbronn - View of the town from Wartberg
Heilbronn - View of the town from Wartberg.

Heilbronn Wine Summer: Wine Bar at the Wartberg

Every Saturday and Sunday the wine bar on the Wartberg, Heilbronn's local mountain, opens its doors. With the Wengerthäusle and its terrace in the middle of the vineyards, a small paradise has been created, which offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the city and surroundings for enjoying wine.

The 14 self-marketing wine growers of the Heilbronn Wine Villa serve wine in rotation. In addition, they serve lard bread and other small regional delicacies.

Further information (only in German)

Lauf an der Pegnitz
10.06.2021 - 03.12.2021


From June to December 2021, the laufer.lichtblicke.21 will create perspectives for all those affected by the crisis. Look forward to culture and light art, shopping and events, exhibitions and participatory actions! An initiative of the city of Lauf for and with cultural workers, artists, traders and retailers.

You can find more information at: www.lauferlichtblicke.de and on Instagram/Facebook at laufer.lichtblicke.21

11.07.2021 - 28.11.2021PlakatWelsch

One for All(s) Maximilian von Welsch - Engineer and Architect of the Baroque Period

On the occasion of the 350th anniversary of his birth, a special exhibition about the architect Maximilian von Welsch will be shown in the Fürstenbau of the Rosenberg Fortress. Born in Kronach, Welsch was one of the most outstanding architects of the 18th century and one of the most important representatives of Baroque fortress construction and German garden art. In cooperation with the Landesmuseum Mainz, precious original objects from his possession will be presented for the first time that have never been seen before. Further information (only in German language)

18.07.2021 - 09.01.2022Heldburg Burgenmuseum-Ausstellung-Otto-Piper  Otto Piper © German Castle Museum
Otto Piper © German Castle Museum.

"Otto Piper. Founder of scientific castle research"

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of his death, the German Castle Museum is presenting a special exhibition on Otto Piper. Originally a journalist and politician, he was the most important Central European castle researcher around 1900. Previously unknown documents, sketches of castles, but also various editions of his books are presented. Further Information (only in German language)

04.09.2021 - 28.11.2021

Politics and erudition

A special exhibition in the Transylvanian Museum at Horneck Castle

For families of high social rank it was customary in past times to have themselves painted. In the portrait catalog of the Transylvanian Saxons, Julius Bielz lists in 1936 about 30 artworks that can be attributed to the Heydendorff family. 20 of them are known today. In December 2018, the Transylvanian Museum Gundelsheim received a considerable part of these family portraits on permanent loan. Now that the renovation work in Schloss Horneck has largely been completed, they could be presented to the public for the first time ever, together with other loans from private collections. The most important of those paintings that could not be shown in the exhibition can be seen together with detailed explanations on the hall flags of the exhibition.

All information about the special exhibition at the museum can be found here.

10.09.2021 - 27.02.2022Mannheim rem tutanchamun  Mannheim - Exhibition in the Reiss-Engelhorn Museums
Mannheim - Exhibition in the Reiss-Engelhorn Museums.

Exhibition:"Tutanchamun - His Tomb and the Treasures"

After five years of a successful US tour, the exhibition will be on display at the Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen, Museums Zeughaus, and will thus be shown in Germany again for the first time. Visitors experience an excavation story full of excitement and adventure Further information

11.09.2021 - 24.04.2022kuriosundkostbar  Credit: Kunstsammlungen der Veste Coburg
Credit: Kunstsammlungen der Veste Coburg.

kurios&kostbar - Pieces of art from the ducal rifle chamber

The exhibition in the STUDIO of the Art Collections presents a selection of valuable pieces from the former ducal rifle chamber in the context of baroque collector's delight. In addition to elaborately decorated pistols and rifles made of precious materials, experimental technical innovations are also on display.

Further information

02.10.2021 - 13.11.2021HeidelbergKornmarkt

"Enjoy Jazz" Festival

The international festival for Jazz and others presents a top-class festival programm at old and new locations around Heidelberg and Mannheim.

Further information

06.10.2021 - 07.11.2021Hubertus Hess  Hubertus Hess
Hubertus Hess .

Exhibition "SpitzenART!" Museum Burg Abenberg

In the exhibition SpitzenART, eight contemporary artists present their view of the traditional craft of bobbin lace in both museums at Burg Abenberg until November 7. Thus virtuoso craft and free art touch each other. Some works were created especially for this exhibition, some suitably added. Exciting positions have thus emerged in dialogue, in juxtaposition with the bobbin lace tradition. Art and lace, tradition and modernity meet.

Museum director Kerstin Bienert, together with Hubertus Hess and Petra Naumann, invites you to a guided tour and artist talk in the exhibition SpitzenART on Wednesday, October 6. Start is at 7 pm in the bobbin lace museum.

On Wednesday, October 20, there will be another guided tour at 7 p.m. together with the Nuremberg artist Stefanie Pöllot.

Admission for guided tour including admission 3 euros. Current rules apply when visiting the exhibition (data collection, 3G, mouth, nose protection).

08.10.2021 - 17.10.2021
Start: 11:00 Uhr
End: 21:00 UhrWeindorf c  Tobias Schwerdt fab18a7ca7 5fe749411c

Heidelberg Wine Village

This year the Heidelberg Wine Village will take place on Karlsplatz and Heidelberg Castle, for the first time. Daily from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm. You can enjoy the best wines of wne growers from Heidelberg and the regions such as the "Pfalz", "Baden", "Hohenlohe" and many more. A varied range of regional cuisine awaits you to match. All relevant information about the Heidelberg Wine Village can be found here.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber
09.10.2021 - 17.10.2021Rothenburg Herbstwanderwoche Foto

Rothenburg Autumn Hiking Week

Every year in springtime and autumn the hiking weeks in Rothenburg offer you active recovery in the midst of nature - from guided hiking tours up to a varied programme that really offers something for everyone. Each hike stands under an interesting topic and is accompanied by an experienced leader and commented with a lot of inside knowledge. By the way: the hikes are all free of charge!

Further information (only in German)

11.10.2021 - 14.11.2021

Art exhibition

On the occasion of the award of the Wolfram von Eschenbach Prize 2021 to Inge Gutbrod and the sponsorship award of the district of Central Franconia to Barbara Engelhard, the two visual artists present current works in the gallery of the civic hall of the city of Wolframs Eschenbach.

Inge Gutbrod creates with her objects and installations, which she produces mainly from wax, colorful luminous sculptures with an architectural character. The translucent or opaque surfaces of her art objects allow the viewer a very special perceptual experience.

Barbara Engelhard mainly makes use of the appropriation and recoding of everyday materials, which she assembles in a new context in space-related installations and pictorial objects. She creates new perspectives and allows the viewer to participate.

Gallery in the Deutschordensschloss

Laureates, district of Middle Franconia and City of Wolframs-Eschenbach

The current hygiene regulations apply

13.10.2021 - 17.10.2021
Start: 10:00 Uhr
End: 18:00 Uhrherbstmesse

Autumn Fair Heilbronn

The Heilbronn Autumn Fair is an adventure fair for the whole family and the largest fair in the Unterland region. Around 600 exhibitors present their products and services from all areas of life. The range of products includes home and garden, finance and real estate, sports and health, fashion and beauty, children's world and our Ländle.
Various celebrity guests will also be on hand at the consumer fair to ensure that everyone is in a good mood. A varied supporting programme with interactive demonstrations, informative lectures, product presentations and competitions will take place on 5 show stages. Further informations here

15.10.2021 - 31.12.20217  Bayreuth Winter Village
Bayreuth Winter Village .

Bayreuth Winter Village

Visitors can enjoy delicious delicacies by the crackling fireplace until December 31 and taste numerous mulled wine variations by candlelight.

For more information click here

15.10.2021 - 24.10.2021

Eberbach Autumn Mile

showmen and merchants of the "Kuckucksmarkt family" are looking forward to your visit in the city center,

on october 17th there will be an open sunday from 12.30 - 17.30 pm

15.10.2021 - 31.10.2021SchwetzingenSWR  SWR Festival Schwetzingen 2020
SWR Festival Schwetzingen 2020.

SWR Festival Schwetzingen - alternative date

The 68th Schwetzingen SWR Festival presents a varied programme with numerous internationally renowned artists in the rococo theatre and in the historical rooms of the castle.

Further information (only in German language)


Ansbach city anniversary - Kaspar Hauser day

The Kaspar Hauser Day as part of the anniversary program will include lectures, guided tours, exhibitions and a performance of the symphonic poem "Kaspar Hauser - the eternal enigma" by Walter Kiesbauer.
This large composition with choir and orchestra was premiered in 2018 as part of the Kaspar Hauser Festival.

Further information

16.10.2021 - 09.01.2022Heldburg Veste2021 DBM Foto Bjoern Chilian  Heldburg Fortress © German Castle Museum Foto: Björn Chilian
Heldburg Fortress © German Castle Museum Foto: Björn Chilian.

Exhibition: ""Five Years German Castle Museum - Or: How Time Flies"

For the anniversary exhibition in the Wartburg Hall, the German Castle Museum has opened its photo album and shows photos from the recent past of Veste Heldburg as well as on the sometimes turbulent history of the museum's origins. Further information (only in German)

17.10.2021Eberbach Apfeltag ©Eberbacher Werbegemeinschaft01  Eberbach Apple Day - historical juice press
Eberbach Apple Day - historical juice press.

Eberbach Apple Day - cancelled

The traditional Apple Day in Eberbach annually takes place on the third Sunday in October with Sunday shopping. The Apple Day Weekend begins on Saturday with the Children's Afternoon around the Lindenplatz. There are many lovely unique games, all regarding the apple. 

Further information (only in German)

22.10.2021 - 24.10.2021

Jazz Days in Schwetzingen

Jazzdays with concert in the Rococo Theatre and Jazz-Mile in Schwetzingen (Jazz in bars and pubs).

Further information

01.11.2021Neckarsteinach Allerheiligen1  Neckarsteinach - All Saint's Day Market
Neckarsteinach - All Saint's Day Market.

All Saints' Day Market - cancelled

Neckarsteinach shops and different dealers offer a rich selection of speciaties on the square across from the Town Hall and in the Kirchenstraße.

Further information (only in German)

04.11.2021 - 07.11.2021

Wintertime at Eyrichshof Castle

A winter market in a magical atmosphere... For more information click here

05.11.2021 - 09.11.2021

Driller's Market

Colourful funfair rides, atmosphere and good mood in the festival tent - as always the Driller's Market in Neckargemünd is being longingly awaited. It is the last festival in the festival-cycle in the region. Hearty to rock-like music and a varied programme provide for the best funfair-mood of young and old.

Further information (only in German)

Rothenburg ob der Tauber
05.11.2021 - 14.11.2021Rothenburg Maerchenzauber ©Rothenburg Tourismus Service Pfitzinger1  Rothenburg’s Fairy Tale Magic
Rothenburg’s Fairy Tale Magic.

Rothenburg’s Fairy Tale Magic

Every year at the beginning of November, Rothenburg's old town becomes a romantic backdrop for guided tours, theatre, concerts, readings and other events related to fairy tales.

Further information

06.11.2021 - 07.11.2021Schwetzingen Schloss Designmarkt-Handmade-Love SSG-PressebildB  Design Fair
Design Fair "Handmade Love".

Design Fair "Handmade Love"

In the 18th century summer residence for the Palatinate Electors, now venue for the Handmade Love event - Schwetzingen Palace offers a beautiful baroque scene for the design and handmade market. On about 1,000 sqm space the gallant halls like the Hunting Hall and the Mozart Hall turn into a motley activity.

Further information

06.11.2021 - 20.11.2021VBayreuth Sangeslust-Mitmachkonzert ©GMK  Bayreuth -
Bayreuth - "Sangeslust" sing along concert.

"Love of song" - The Sparkassen A Cappella-Event

The festival of extra class offers A Capella to touch, participate and experience with international vocal artists.

Further information

06.11.2021 - 05.02.2022Schwetzingen Rokokotheater  Rococo Theatre Schwetzingen
Rococo Theatre Schwetzingen.

Baroque festival: Winter in Schwetzingen

The Baroque Festival is a renowned festival at the Schlosstheater Schwetzingen with opera performances and concerts from the Baroque period.

Further information (only in German)

07.11.2021 - 15.11.2021

Ansbach city anniversary - LesArt


The LesArt Festival of the Margravial City of Ansbach is an event for
passionate book lovers. Its special charm lies in the encounter with contemporary authors lies its special charm.

Further information

Start: 17:00 Uhr
End: 21:00 UhrBILDDATEI  Christian Barthen
Christian Barthen.

Organ concert

The organ concert will take place as part of the "Eberbacher Vierne cycle" in the Evangelical Michael Church in Eberbach.

Christian Barthen, church musician at the Evang. Hauptkirche St. Anna in Augsburg, will interpret the 6th Symphony in B minor op. 59 by Louis Vierne (1870-1937), the long-time titular organist of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, in addition to works by J.S.Bach and C.Franck.

Admission is 8 euros, free for those 18 and under.

There is no advance booking; the box office opens at 4:15 pm.

Lauf an der Pegnitz
08.11.2021 - 14.11.2021Lauf Literaturtage ©Stadtbuecherei Lauf  Literature Days in Lauf
Literature Days in Lauf.

Literature Days

Well-known authors from German-speaking countries turn the city by the Pegnitz river into a very special place on the literary map every year in November, introduce themselves and their publications on the lecture stage, answer questions and sign favourite books. Also, some literary discoveries wait for the young book lovers at the lectures for children and school classes.

Further information (only in German)

11.11.2021 - 14.11.2021Bayreuth Jazz-November  Bayreuth - Jazz-November
Bayreuth - Jazz-November.

Bayreuth Jazz November

Meanwhile a nice tradition: Every year, in November jazz moves to Bayreuth. The Jazz Forum then brings exclusive musicians on the stage. Whether it´s Billy Cobhan, Joachim Kühn, Jasper van’t Hof, Adam Nussbaum, or Victor Bailey – the Jazz November brings them all to Bayreuth.

Further information

11.11.2021 - 21.11.2021Heidelberg InternationalesFilmfestivalMannheimHeidelberg ©IFFFoto BenPakalski

International Film Festival Mannheim-Heidelberg

Exciting, promising and young - the International Film Festival Mannheim-Heidelberg is a stage for newcomers and introduces still unknown directors every year. Within the framework off the festival film lovers can look forward to 50 premieres. The whole year through a selection committee looks for exceptional works in the whole world, for which it now finally says: "Action!". Further information

12.11.2021 - 28.11.2021KammertheaterKronach  Chamber Theater Days
Chamber Theater Days .

Chamber Theater Days Kronach

Wonderful news: The Chamber Theater Days are coming back!

And this time with two wonderful plays on offer for you:

After the great success last year, we continue the performance series of "The Kiss of the Spider Woman". The main roles in this impressive story about love and friendship, courage and betrayal are again played by Bernd Berleb and Andreas Gräbe.

New, but no less affecting, is the play "All das Schöne". Here we witness a passionate plea for life and celebrate all the beautiful things in it. Sigurd Sundby plays the leading role in the solo piece.

Tickets are now available from us, at the Tourist Information Kronach, online at www.kronach.de/ktt and at all Reservix advance booking offices.

Tip: Another great innovation this year is our Combi-Ticket. When you buy tickets for BOTH plays, you save €3 compared to buying them individually.

13.11.2021 - 14.11.2021
Start: 10:00 Uhr
End: 18:00 Uhr

Craftsmen Market - cancelled

The handicraft market under the direction of the Lions Club presents around 60 exhibitors under the motto "Tradition and New".

Further Information

Start: 19:00 Uhr
End: 21:00 Uhr

Night watchman tours in Eberbach

In a illustrative and humorous way, the night watchman informs you about the past of Eberbach during this city walk. Accompany the night watchman on his tour through the romantic old town. Wearing a historical uniform with lantern and halberd, he will tell you the interesting history of the town and you will learn about the most beautiful sights of Eberbach. The walk through the nocturnal alleys, past the historic buildings of the picturesque town center, together with a "real" Eberbacher, is an unforgettable experience for everyone!

Registration is requested, information is available here.

15.11.2021 - 23.12.2021Bayreuth-Christkindlesmarkt-c-Stefan-Doerfler  Bayreuth Christmas Market (c) Stefan Dörfler
Bayreuth Christmas Market (c) Stefan Dörfler.

Bayreuth Christmas Market

From November 15 to December 23, in front of the historical backdrop of Bayreuth, a magical city of stalls awaits you in the glow of Advent lights, leaving hardly anything to be desired and making it the ideal destination for your group trip in the run-up to Christmas. Because on November 15, 2021, the Christkindlesmarkt will be ceremoniously opened by the Bayreuth Christmas Market between the Spitalkirche and the Old Castle. If the development of the Corona pandemic permits, the streets and squares decorated for Christmas will then finally be open again this year for strolling and marveling to one's heart's content: at the festive illumination of the over seven-kilometer-long chain of lights, which creates a warm, inviting atmosphere, and at the many goods on offer, which will make the time before Christmas even more enjoyable. The smell of gingerbread, freshly roasted almonds and hot mulled wine alone will make you want more! It goes without saying that Christmas in Bayreuth also offers an extensive cultural and musical program. And around 400 specialist stores in the pedestrian zone and in the neighboring Rotmain-Center ensure a perfect shopping experience, even until 11 p.m. at the Latenight Shopping on December 4.

18.11.2021 - 22.12.2021Heidelberg weihnachtlicherUniverstitaetsplatz CR HeidelbergMarketingGmbFoto-TobiasSchwerdt  Heidelberg Christmas Market - University Square
Heidelberg Christmas Market - University Square.

Heidelberg Christmas Market

Every year, at 5.00 pm, on the last Wednesday in November, the Christ child solemny opens the Christmas Market at the marketplace. Over 140 stands at Heidelberg's large and small places, offer an endless variety of what makes the season so special. 

Further information

18.11.2021 - 09.01.2022
Start: 10:00 Uhr
End: 22:00 UhrHeidelberg Weihnachtlicher Karlsplatz ©Heidelberg Marketing GmbFoto Tobias Schwerdt  Heidelberg - Christmas on Ice
Heidelberg - Christmas on Ice.

Ice-Skating Rink at "Karlsplatz" - "Christmas on Ice"

Daily from 10 am to 10 pm one of the most beautiful open-air ice rinks in Germany is open at "Karlsplatz". Residents and guests glide over the ice in front of the romantic caslte backdrop with Christmas music.

Further information

23.11.2021 - 23.12.20216525577 adventsmarkt-im-sand  Christmas Market Bamberg
Christmas Market Bamberg .

Christmasmarkets Bamberg

Several Christmas markets in Bamberg invite you to experience the pre-Christmas period in a particularly atmospheric way: The Bamberg Christmas Market on Maximiliansplatz lasts throughout Advent. On the first Advent, the Advent Market in the Sand opens its doors; around the third Advent, two artisan Christmas markets enchant their visitors.

An overview and all further information can be found here

25.11.2021 - 23.12.2021Ansbach Weihnachtsmarkt 001   Ansbach - Christmas Market on Martin Luther Square
Ansbach - Christmas Market on Martin Luther Square.

Ansbach Old Town Christmas

Baroque facades and the two large churches form the atmospheric and distinctive backdrop for the Christmas market on Montgelas-Platz and Martin-Luther-Platz in the middle of the old town. The old town and its centuries-old traditions in a modern form. 

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25.11.2021 - 22.12.2021Heilbronn Weihnachtsmarkt  Heilbronn - Käthchen Christmas Market
Heilbronn - Käthchen Christmas Market.

Christmas Market Heilbronn

The Christmas market is dedicated to the "Käthchen of Heilbronn" with Christmas "Käthchen products" such as Christmas stollen or mulled wine, Käthchen Christmas decorations and Käthchen Christmas lighting.

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Schwäbisch Hall
25.11.2021 - 22.12.2021HallerWeihnacht FotoNicoKurth  Schwäbisch Hall -Christmas market on the market place (Photograph: Nico Kurth)
Schwäbisch Hall -Christmas market on the market place (Photograph: Nico Kurth).

Christmasmagic Schwäbisch Hall

One of the most beautiful marketplaces in Southern Germany, the town hall and the church St. Michael sparkle warm colours and spread a festive atmosphere in the medieval town. Tenderly decorated shacks, different sorts of mulled wine, Christmas candy, arts and crafts and smart gift ideas inspire visitors from near and far.

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Lauf an der Pegnitz
25.11.2021 - 24.12.2021Weihnachtsmarkt ©Michaela Moritz   Christmas Market
Christmas Market.

Lauf Christmas Market

Atmospheric decorated stall town around the lovingly designed crib on the upper marketplace with stage programme for young and old, inter alia with a visit of the Christ Child of Nuremberg, guided tours through the historical rock cellars and Advent prize draw.

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26.11.2021 - 06.01.2022

Cribs and crib paths

An incredible variety of cribs can be admired throughout the city and the Bamberg region - large and small, historical and modern, Franconian or from all over the world. All together they invite you to a contemplative stroll.

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26.11.2021 - 24.12.2021Nuernberg Christkindlesmarkt ©Uwe Niklas

Christmas Market Nuremberg

Experience Christmas from it's brightest side and discover the popular Christmas Market in Nuremberg! Dive in to the unmistakable atmosphere of the festively decorated old town and enjoy entertaining hours.

Opening hours:
Mon - Sun: 10 am to 9 pm, Christmas Eve: 10 am to 2 pm.

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26.11.2021 - 12.12.2021Oehringen Weihnachtsmarkt Marktplatz1 CR GrosseKreisstadtOehringen01

Christmas Market

Christmas market with stream train for children on the marketplace, Christmas exhibition and many other attractions.


fridays to sundays

Admission free.

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26.11.2021 - 28.11.2021Kulmbach-Adventsmarkt001  Kulmbach - Advent Market
Kulmbach - Advent Market.

Advent Market Kulmbach

In addition to the "magical hustle and bustle" in the old town of Kulmbach, there is an arts and crafts market in the rooms of the castle estate in Waaggasse and the Advent market of the Diakonie at the "Alte Villa".

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26.11.2021 - 28.11.2021Eberbach Weihnachtsmarkt ©Orgateam Weihnachtsmarkt  Eberbach - Christmas Market © Orgateam Christmas Market
Eberbach - Christmas Market © Orgateam Christmas Market.

Christmas Market Eberbach - cancelled

Eberbach's Christmas Market around the New Market.

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Bad Wimpfen
26.11.2021 - 12.12.2021Bad Wimpfen Weihnachtsmarkt010  Bad Wimpfen - Old German Christmas Market
Bad Wimpfen - Old German Christmas Market.

Christmas Market Bad Wimpfen

The Wimpfener Kaiserpfalz forms the background for one of the most traditional Christmas markets in Germany. Its beginnings date back to 1487, when Emperor Friedrich III granted the city the privilege of holding a market before Christmas, the Katharinenmarkt.

In the narrow alleys of the old town, about 120 stalls offer handicraft, high-quality goods for the upcoming festival. Further information

Rothenburg ob der Tauber
26.11.2021 - 23.12.2021Rothenburg Reiterlesmarkt1 ©Rothenburg Tourismus Service Pfitzinger  Rothenburg o.d.T. - Christmas Market on the marketplace
Rothenburg o.d.T. - Christmas Market on the marketplace.

Old-Rothenburg Christmas Market

Since the 15th century a Christmas market has been held in Rothenburg during the Advent season, which is called the "Reiterlesmarkt" here - dating back to a mythical figure. Even after 500 years of tradition, little has changed in the historical origin of the market. Further information

26.11.2021 - 23.12.2021Coburg Weihnachtsmarkt

Coburg Christmas Market: Christmas magic and aroma of baked apple

During Advent, Coburg's market square is transformed into an atmospheric little Christmas town. Visitors to the glowing landscape of stalls can watch the local artisans at work. The Christmas market in Coburg's old town is open daily from the Friday before the first Advent until December 23.

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Ansbach city anniversary - Ansbach Symphony

This event format is an absolute premiere in Ansbach. A multimedia live concert, indeed a historical journey through the world of music, is perfected by visual impressions and offers visitors the experience of a unique walk through 800 years of city history.

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27.11.2021 - 28.11.2021Cadolzburg Adventsmarkt  Cadolzburg - Advent Market
Cadolzburg - Advent Market.

Advent Market with Handicrafts

Romantic Advent market in the historical town centre of Cadolzburg, supplemented by an artisan market in the atmospheric backdrop of the outer castle courtyard of the Hohenzollern Fortress Cadolzburg.

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27.11.2021 - 06.05.2022

Christmas city walks

Tourist Information Bayreuth offers numerous city tours "Christmas Bayreuth" during the Advent season, dates are Nov. 27, Dec. 4, Dec. 11, Dec. 18 and daily from Dec. 26 to Jan. 6.

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27.11.2021 - 28.11.2021Sinsheim Weihnachtsmarkt Stand

Christmas Market Sinsheim

Christmas magic at the Kirchplatz - Christmas shopping in the city centre until 8.00 pm. Every year it smells like fir trees, Christmas cookies, mulled wine, cinnamon and cloves around the evangelic town church and in the streets of Sinsheim during the first advent weekend.

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27.11.2021 - 28.11.2021Neckarsteinach Weihnachtsmarkt1  Neckarsteinach - Christmas Market
Neckarsteinach - Christmas Market.

Christmas Market in Neckarsteinach - cancelled

All around the community centre "Zum Schwanden" and in the Neckarstraße. A variety of Christmas gift ideas and culinary delights from near and far will be offered.

Opening hours: Saturday from 3 pm until 9 pm, and Sunday from 11 am until 7 pm

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27.11.2021 - 28.11.2021Abenberg Burg-Weihnachtsmarkt ©Foto Hiltl 2018  Abenberg - Castle Christmas Market (Photo: Karlheinz Hiltl)
Abenberg - Castle Christmas Market (Photo: Karlheinz Hiltl).

Castle Christmas in Abenberg

The Christmas market takes place around the thousand-year-old Abenberg Castle, whose silhouette framed by lights is visible far into the country. The highlight of the supporting programme is the annual visit of the Original Nuremberg Christmas Child.

28.11.2021 - 06.01.2022

City tour: Christmas miracle "crib city"

A special guided tour with stories and lore about Christmas.

Saturdays, Sundays and holidays at 1:30 p.m.

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28.11.2021Ebern Weihnachtsmarkt ©Rainer MG001

Christmas Market / Crib Exhibition

Market, Sunday shopping, music, crib exhibitions.

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Start: 18:00 Uhrqueer

Pink Monday with pinKnight

The Christmas market in Heidelberg turns into a queer get-together of the region. Residents and guests meet with the queer community, to celebrate the Pink Monday together. They may look forward to an atmospheric illumination and an evening full of good-mood music, nice people and of "seeing and be seen".

At 8 pm the Pink Monday will be extended to a party night with open end with the pinKnight. Further information

01.12.2021 - 24.12.2021Forchheim Rathaus-als-Adventskalender001

Forchheim: Christmas Market

From December 1, a window of the Advent calendar opens punctually at 6:30 pm. Visitors will be enchanted by a Christmas light show projected upon the facade of the Imperial Palace. Dreamlike light illuminations with a suitable musical setting will set the mood for the Christmas Angel.

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03.12.2021 - 05.12.2021Neckargemuend Weihnachten-am-Fluss  Neckargemünd - Christmas market at Neckarlauer
Neckargemünd - Christmas market at Neckarlauer.

Christmas Market "Christmas by the River"

Christmas market on the Neckar River. With an attractive supporting programme, handicraft and culinary offers and music. Special attraction is the ship "Europa" of the white fleet which stays temporarily at the dock.

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03.12.2021 - 19.12.2021

Kronacher Christmas at the Rose Tower

Around the Rose Tower, on Marienplatz and in the moat, the smell of mulled wine, festively decorated huts and a varied supporting programme enchant the many visitors.

On all four Advent weekends Friday, Saturday and Sunday

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Kirchberg an der Jagst
04.12.2021 - 05.12.2021Kirchberg Weihnachtsmarkt01

Christmas Market Kirchberg

Each year on the 2nd Advent weekend the Christmas Market in the old town of Kirchberg takes place - within the town walls, in the palace courtyard and on the streets. In front of the backdrop of Kirchberg Palace about 90 market stands and offer goods and delicacies.

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Heiligenstadt: Christmas Market

Christmas Market at the marketplace and in the pedestrian zone.

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11.12.2021 - 13.12.2021Waldenburg-Weihnachtsmarktverschneit

Christmas Market Waldenburg - cancelled

The charming Old Town is the setting for the romantic Christmas market with over 40 lovingly decorated market stands. Friends from the partner town Sierck-les-Bains/France and from the towns Waldenburg/Switzerland and Waldenburg/Saxony please the visitors with regional delicacies. In the town hall the basket maker and the coupler present their skills and their handcrafted works. Further information (only in German)

11.12.2021 - 12.12.2021Wolframs-Eschenbach Sternlesmarkt001

Wolframs-Eschenbach: Christmas Market "Sternlesmarkt"

Stall town in the churchyard in front of the Liebfrauenmünster (cathedral) and art and handicraft in the community center. Since 1995 it has been the Christmas market with a special cultural programme, like a living manger, carriage rides, gospel choir, guided tours through the church and the museum, Santa Clause, a fire brigade for children, book market and Christmassy baroque fireworks on Saturday.

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Start: 11:00 Uhr

Christmas Market

The entire Old Town of Langenzenn smells like roasted almonds, gingerbread and mulled wine in all variations. Small, festively decorated and illuminated stalls line the streets. A reflective and pre-Christmassy framework programme provides a pleasant stay. Besides that the numerous light chains around the marketplace create a magical atmosphere. In front of the historical backdrop you will be able to snugly stroll across the market.

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26.12.2021Wolframs-Eschenbach Traditionelles Weihnachtskonzert001

Wolframs-Eschenbach: Traditional Christmas Concert

Christmas music from different eras. Further information (only in German)

Start: 20:30 Uhr
End: 02:00 Uhr

New Year's Eve Festival - "Silvestival" ®

Every two years, the Silvestival condenses ten to fifteen venues within walking distance of each other into a cultural voyage of discovery through Nuremberg's Old Town. As a firework of culture, the festival playfully combines chamber music and world music, cabaret and music theatre, circus spirit and sparkling jazz. Further information

18.09.2022 - 26.02.2023

Reiss-Engelhorn-Museums: "The Normans"

For the first time in the German-speaking world, this comprehensive cultural-historical exhibition is devoted to the fascinating history of the Normans.

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