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The Castle Road in Travel Blogs

When bloggers are out and about on the Castle Road, they tell their very own story about the journey. They describe and comment on their experiences, give the reader practical tips and useful recommendations about the tour.

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Events along the Castle Road

Throughout the year, a wealth of events invites you to the Burgenstraße. They revive times long past, continue centuries-old traditions and fill historical places with life.

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Museums along the Castle Road

More than 120 museums await the visitor on the Burgenstraße with history and stories. In addition to the museums in the castles and palaces along the route, the diverse museum landscape includes a wide variety of themes and presentations.

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Excursion tips

In addition to the castles and palaces, many other destinations along the route are waiting to be discovered.

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Shopping tips at the Castle Road

Buy regional specialities and find one or the other souvenir.

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Digital offers at Castle Road

During the corona-crisis you can also experience the castle road virtually.

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