Tour 6


On the Road between Bamberg and Bayreuth

13 castles and palaces- 161 kilometres

At the beginning of this tour stands the UNESCO- world heritage city Bamberg. The Altenburg, located on the highest of the seven hills, is one of the eye catchers in the panorama and the connecting point to the Castle Road.

From Bamberg the trip continues to the nature park Haßberge, where the unusual system of the Rock Castle Rotenhan, the impressive ruin Altenstein with its new visitor centre as well as Castle Lichtenstein in Pfarrweisach serve as stations. In Seßlach the completely preserved city wall allows something special: at weekends its doors stay closed, so that the visitors can enjoy the medieval flair without traffic.

Already from a great distance the veste Heldburg, the location of the German Castle Museum, can be seen. Europe-wide a unique establishment.

With the veste Coburg, the fortress Rosenberg in Kronach and the Plassenburg in Kulmbach, step by step the number of powerful fortresses continues. Finally the Castle Road reaches ihts starting and ending point Bayreuth and at the same time the destination of this tour. The cityscape is still dominated by the baroque buildings from the time of Margravine Wilhelmine. In the nomination of the margrave opera house to be UNESCO world heritage her work found the coronation.