Castles & Palaces


Experience a journey back in time

Over 60 castles, palaces and castle ruins line the Castle Road, evidence that it does justice to its name.

For centuries the buildings have survived the vicissitudes of history and stand as reminders of emperors, kings and princes, of poets and thinkers, robber knights and romantic tales of chivalry.

Today some provide a colorful backdrop for open-air theatre and concerts, for mediaeval banquets and historical markets. Others are still lived in by the aristocratic descendants of their former owners or their respectable middle-class successors and are partially open to visitors.

Museums invite you to a journey through time, giving you impressions of life as it once was, periods of war and peace and the artistic achievements of various epochs. Four-poster beds and suits of armor recreate the atmosphere of by-gone days, as do splendid terraces with magnificent views, romantic restaurants and inviting castle courtyards, all of them part of the stylish hospitality offered by countless castle and palace hotels and restaurants.

We will introduce you to all the castles and palaces along the Castle Road – so have fun and enjoy what we have in store for you!