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Burg Rabenstein

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Burg Rabenstein Zugang  Rabenstein castle in the Franconian Switzerland
Rabenstein castle in the Franconian Switzerland.

Burg Rabenstein

Rabenstein Castle

The oldest, most heavily destroyed section of Rabenstein Castle right at the edge of the rocky crag dates from the late 12th century. The castle originally belonged to the lords of Waischenfeld. After the lineage died out it became the property of the Schlüsselbergs, who extended the front castle shortly after 1219. A lineage of royal liegemen is documented as early as 1188; they took over the name of the castle and also had a raven in their coat of arms. Ownership of the castle changed hands frequently throughout the centuries. After being destroyed at various times (1388 in the wars between the Alliance of Swabian Cities and the Salzburg archbishopric, 1460 in the wars of the Southern German Princes) it was rebuilt, extended and redesigned. The structural alterations in 1557 were particularly extensive, when after 300 years the castle again became the property of the Rabensteins. Daniel von Rabenstein altered it into a three-winged Renaissance complex, which was unfortunately destroyed again in the Thirty Years War. In 1742 the lineage died out. On the occasion of the king's visit Count Franz-Erwin redesigned the half-ruin in 1829/30. Today visitors can visit a castle museum, a park with owls and birds of prey with free-flight demonstrations, beer garden and tavern. The castle premises can be rented for conferences and festive events or overnight accommodation booked in newly renovated rooms.

Burg Rabenstein
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