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Rabenstein Castle Since 2004, the castle has been in the hands of Burg Rabenstein Event GmbH, which has completedthe renovation and redevelopment activities initiated since 1970, and has brought the castle back to life through versatile use. The history of Rabenstein Castle begins at the end of the 12th century. The oldest part of the complex on the very tip of the rock dates from this period. Already in 1188 a ministerial family appeared in a document, which took over the name of the castle and.... [More about Burg Rabenstein]

Burg Rabenstein bei Nacht  Rabenstein Castle at night
Rabenstein Castle at night.BurgRabenstein Juniorsuite  Castle Hotel Rabenstein - Junior suite
Castle Hotel Rabenstein - Junior suite.BurgRabenstein Renaissance-Saal  Castle Hotel Rabenstein - Renaissance Hall
Castle Hotel Rabenstein - Renaissance Hall.BurgRabenstein Kaminzimmer  Castle Hotel Rabenstein - Fireplace room
Castle Hotel Rabenstein - Fireplace room.BurgRabenstein Jagdzimmer  Castle Hotel Rabenstein - Hunting room
Castle Hotel Rabenstein - Hunting room.

Burg Rabenstein

Rabenstein Castle

Rabenstein Castle is situated at a dizzying height on a rock in the heart of Franconian Switzerland, just 30 kilometres from Bayreuth. It forms the centre of the 64-hectare natural paradise of Rabenstein Castle, is a popular excursion destination, a stylish castle hotel and a unique setting for a wide variety of events, from family celebrations to corporate events.

The extensive grounds include the Sophienhöhle cave - one of the most beautiful dripstone caves in Germany - the falconry, the Gutsschenke tavern, the beer garden and numerous forest and hiking trails. The six-kilometre-long promenade path was already walked by the Bavarian King Ludwig I when he visited the castle in 1830.

The varied culinary and cultural programme at Rabenstein Castle ranges from castle or cave concerts to crime and horror dinners, wild boar on the spit and whisky tastings to the large medieval market twice a year. The cave illumination "Sophie at night" followed by a castle menu enchants its visitors in a very special way.

Get married at Rabenstein Castle:
- Protestant, Catholic and civil weddings
- Chapel in the castle, outdoor wedding on request

Meetings and celebrations at Rabenstein Castle:
- nine rooms - 25 - 200 sqm
- Capacity depending on seating: Inside: up to 170 people, outside: up to 650 people
- Beletage with baroque salons, armoury and large Renaissance hall; knights' halls, garden, terrace, beer garden

Burg Rabenstein
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