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Burg Rabenstein

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Rabenstein Castle Since 2004, the castle has been in the hands of Burg Rabenstein Event GmbH, which has completedthe renovation and redevelopment activities initiated since 1970, and has brought the castle back to life through versatile use. The history of Rabenstein Castle begins at the end of the 12th century. The oldest part of the complex on the very tip of the rock dates from this period. Already in 1188 a ministerial family appeared in a document, which took over the name of the castle and.... [More about Burg Rabenstein]

BurgRabenstein Zugang GK-2019  Rabenstein Castle - entrance to the castle hotel
Rabenstein Castle - entrance to the castle hotel.BurgRabenstein Burghotel rotes Zimmer  Rabenstein Castle - castle hotel
Rabenstein Castle - castle hotel.BurgRabenstein-mit-Tal2 GK-2019  Rabenstein Castle high above the Ahorntal
Rabenstein Castle high above the Ahorntal.

Burg Rabenstein

Rabenstein Castle

Rabenstein Castle lies in a dizzy height on top of a rock in the heart of Franconian Switzerland, just 30 kilometres away from Bayreuth. It forms the center of the 65 hectare large natural paradise Rabenstein Castle, to which the Castle Hotel, Sophie's Cave - one of the most beautiful dripstone caves in Germany -, the falconry, the tavern, the beer garden and also numerous forest and hiking trails belong.

Burg Rabenstein
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