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When bloggers are out and about on the Castle Road, they tell their very own story about the journey. They describe and comment on their experiences, give the reader practical tips and useful recommendations about the tour. Here you can find blog posts about the Burgenstraße at a glance:

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The Castle Road is so beautiful

 Weinsberg - tour guide at the castle ruin Weibertreu
Weinsberg - tour guide at the castle ruin Weibertreu.

Trees standing on their heads, women carrying their husbands, a towerwoman without a tower and other surprises Gerd Krauskopf experienced on his journey along the Castle Road. On "Menschen, Reisen, Abenteuer" he reports on his stops in Öhringen, Weinsberg, Bad Wimpfen, at Guttenberg Castle, in Neckarsteinach, Heidelberg and Schwetzingen. Read more (only in German language)

Travel Stories

Of chilly ice cream, striped pigs and bold hunters ...

 Kirchberg/Jagst - breakfast in the castle café
Kirchberg/Jagst - breakfast in the castle café.

Monika and Rainer Hamberger talk about astonishing discoveries on the Burgenstrasse in "Travel Stories". They started their journey in Ansbach and stopped in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, at Kirchberg Castle on the Jagst, in Schwäbisch Hall, Weinsberg, Bad Wimpfen and at Guttenberg Castle. Read more (only in German language)

Travel pen

11 Tips for the Castle Road with your motorhome

 German bird of prey center - flight Demonstration
German bird of prey center - flight Demonstration.

Iris Schraper has 11 tips for travelling on the Castle Road with the motorhome on her "travel pen". The trip with her family took her to Heidelberg and Eberbach, Guttenberg Castle, Öhringen, Schwäbisch Hall and Kirchberg Castle on the Jagst. Read more (only in German language)

Just get out

From Cadolzburg to Bayreuth


Again and again Dieter Weirauch is on the road, visiting castles and palaces, cities and small towns. His motto is "Just get out" and this is also the name of his blog, where you can find his very special tips - for example for Seßlach, Rabenstein Castle and Bayreuth. Read more (only in German language)


Roadtrip with the motorhome


Two years ago lies Tanja Klindworth's journey. With Heidelberg as her starting point, she embarked on a discovery tour between Rothenburg ob der Tauber and Bayreuth, including visits to Nuremberg, Bamberg, Coburg and Kulmbach. Read more on Wellness-Tour and Spaness (only in German language)