When bloggers are out and about on the Castle Road, they tell their very own story about the journey. They describe and comment on their experiences, give the reader practical tips and useful recommendations about the tour. Here you can find blog posts about the Burgenstraße at a glance:


On the road with the motorhome

With a home on wheels from Kirchberg an der Jagst to Cadolzburg

Journalist Gerd Krauskopf spent a week travelling the Castle Road in a motorhome - seven days that he could spend as he pleased, from visiting castles to enjoying Franconian delicacies. He reports about it on his portal "Menschen-Reisen-Abenteuer". Read here what he particularly liked about it.

 Sonnentempel Eremitage Bayreuth (c) Thomas Ferro
Sonnentempel Eremitage Bayreuth (c) Thomas Ferro .

Travel and Food

A culinary  journey from Seßlach to Bayreuth

Thomas Ferro travels along the Castle Road on a culinary journey from Seßlach to Bayreuth. Between old towns and regional delicacies, there is a lot to discover. Click here for his travel blog.

 Heidelberg Castle
Heidelberg Castle .

Part-time traveller

A journey through time on the Castle Road

As a "part-time traveler" Janett Schindler goes on a journey through the time along the Castle Road. She presents her favorite places in her blog and adds relevant information under the category "Good to know". Which places she has already visited and what she experienced there, you can read here.


Mr. Schneemann on Tour

Blogger trip from Bayreuth to Mannheim

With his camera equipment, Christian Weber travels the entire Castle Road from Bayreuth to Mannheim. During his experiences in our member towns, he captures extraordinary perspectives and moods. The film camera is his constant companion... You can find all videos here. (Videos are in German only)

 Gundelsheim - View of Horneck Castle and Guttenberg Castle
Gundelsheim - View of Horneck Castle and Guttenberg Castle.

Cyclists' paradise on the river

Cycling between Gundelsheim and Bad Wimpfen

The enchanted countryside in the Neckar Valley near Heilbronn attracts with stately castles, fortresses and roamntic small towns along the Burgenstrasse... You can find a detailed travel report about Gundelsheim and Bad Wimpfen in here in the travel reportage.

 Bad Wimpfen - Eagle Fountain with Feyerabend wine tavern
Bad Wimpfen - Eagle Fountain with Feyerabend wine tavern.

Travelblog & Travel News

Podcast from the Castle Road

In his Podcast of the radio broadcast "travel fever" and on his blog Travelblog & Travel News, Peter von Stamm talks about his journey along the castle road. He was on the way in the Neckar valley on the castle Guttenberg and in Bad Wimpfen to the podcast and blog post. In the second episode, he talks about his trip to Heidelberg an Schwetzingen to the podcast and blog post.

 Weinsberg - tour guide at the castle ruin Weibertreu
Weinsberg - tour guide at the castle ruin Weibertreu.

People, Travel, Adventure

The Castle Road is so beautiful

Trees standing on their heads, women carrying their husbands, a towerwoman without a tower and other surprises Gerd Krauskopf experienced on his journey along the Castle Road. On "Menschen, Reisen, Abenteuer" he reports on his stops in Öhringen, Weinsberg, Bad Wimpfen, at Guttenberg Castle, in Neckarsteinach, Heidelberg and Schwetzingen. Read more (only in German language)

 Kirchberg/Jagst - breakfast in the castle café
Kirchberg/Jagst - breakfast in the castle café.


Of chilly ice cream, striped Pigs and bold hunters ...

Monika and Rainer Hamberger talk about astonishing discoveries on the Burgenstrasse in "Travel Stories". They started their journey in Ansbach and stopped in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, at Kirchberg Castle on the Jagst, in Schwäbisch Hall, Weinsberg, Bad Wimpfen and at Guttenberg Castle. Read more (only in German language)

 German bird of prey center - flight Demonstration
German bird of prey center - flight Demonstration.

Travel pen

11 Tips for the Castle Road with your motorhome

Iris Schraper has 11 tips for travelling on the Castle Road with the motorhome on her "travel pen". The trip with her family took her to Heidelberg and Eberbach, Guttenberg Castle, Öhringen, Schwäbisch Hall and Kirchberg Castle on the Jagst. Read more (only in German language)

 Seßlach - Old Town
Seßlach - Old Town.

Just get out

From Cadolzburg to Bayreuth

Again and again Dieter Weirauch is on the road, visiting castles and palaces, cities and small towns. His motto is "Just get out" and this is also the name of his blog, where you can find his very special tips - for example for Seßlach, Rabenstein Castle and Bayreuth. Read more (only in German language)

 Ebern - Goose Tower and Grey Tower
Ebern - Goose Tower and Grey Tower.


Roadtrip with the motorhome

Two years ago lies Tanja Klindworth's journey. With Heidelberg as her starting point, she embarked on a discovery tour between Rothenburg ob der Tauber and Bayreuth, including visits to Nuremberg, Bamberg, Coburg and Kulmbach. Read more on Spaness (only in German language)



On the way in the Neckar Valley

Daniel and Dokmai live in Switzerland and write about their travels around the globe on their blog 2coinstravel. However, they are always drawn back to Daniel's home, the Neckar valley. There they have visited the four-castle town of Neckarsteinach, Hirschhorn and Neckargemünd, just to name a few examples from their posts. Read more

 Wolframs-Eschenbach -
Wolframs-Eschenbach - "Münsterblick" caravan site.

Van Tours

On the road with the "little hut"

Volker and Christa and their cocker spaniel Joe have been proud van owners since 2020 and love travelling with their "lütte Hütt," as they call their Pössl Roadcruiser. In the fall of 2020, they were on a discovery tour along the Castle Road and took a close look at the pitches along the way. Read more (only in German)