Tour 5


On the Road between Nuremberg and Bamberg

15 castles and palaces- 152 kilometres

The starting point of this tour is Nuremberg with its Imperial Castle. To learn more about the importance of this famous landmark, a visit to the permanent exhibition "Emperor- Kingdom-City. The Imperial Castle Nuremberg" is worth it.

The road then continues via Lauf an der Pegnitz with its Kaiserburg Castle in a in a bow further through Franconian Switzerland, which has already been tramped by prominent guests like the poets Jean Paul and Ludwig Tieck in the late 18th century. "What the Switzerland is can be found here on a rejuvenated scale" is written in a hiking guide from 1829 -  a sentence that still counts.

Bizzare rock formations, ideally made for the numerous knight's castles, are characteristics of the landscape. The millennial castle Pottenstein and castle Rabenstein, today a charming hotel, rate among the sample items for risky castle building. Subterranean wonderworlds open up when visiting the Devil's cave in Pottenstein and the Sophie cave in the natural paradise of castle Rabenstein.

After you have passed the "record community" Aufseß, the largest concentration of breweries in the world , as well as the magnificent palace Seehof, the tour ends in the UNESCO- world heritage city Bamberg.