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Heilbronn lies in the heart of Baden-Wuerttemberg and is strongly characterised by viticulture until today. It became famous everywhere by Heinrich von Kleist's "Cathy of Heilbronn" (Käthchen von Heilbronn). The beautiful location at the Neckar river, the wine and a manifold gastronomy, for example, at the stroll-mile along the Old Neckar, make the city to a saught-after address - not only for guests of the Castle Road. More than 1200 years of the city's history lie between the first documented.... [More about Heilbronn]

Heilbronn Kirchhausen Wasserschloss

Deutschordensschloss Kirchhausen

Palace of the Teutonic Order Kirchhausen

In the middle of Heilbronn's district with the same name lies the impressive palace of the Teutonic Order Kirchhausen. The former moated castle was built in Renaissance style by order of Heinrich von Bobenhausen, who was the 41st Grand Master of the Teutonic Order, from 1572 until 1578. At this point, Kirchhausen was independent and location of the Kommende Horneck.

A stony bridge leads across the ditch into the inner courtyard. The loopholes to the left and right of the gate system are decorated with lionheads. The two towers originally were used for defense, later on for straw beds and it served as a detention and sleeping cell for travelling craftsmen. During the last century, the building was used as a school and town hall. Today, the Bürgeramt Kirchhausen is located there.

The palace can be visited during the opening hours of the Bürgeramt. Historical themed tours through the facility can be booked for groups. Click here for further information.


Deutschordensschloss Kirchhausen
Schlossstraße 2
74078 Heilbronn-Kirchhausen
Telefon +49 (0) 70 66/ 70 44

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