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Eberbach AmMarkt Foto StadtEberbach-AndreasHeld  Eberbach – Am Markt
Eberbach – Am Markt.

Eberbach nestles in the rolling Odenwald hills of the picturesque Neckar valley. The fortress was first mentioned in 1227 when the town was founded by Henry (Heinrich) VII of Hohenstaufen. It lies completely hidden on the edges of the Odenwald forest, high above the town and offers the visitor fantastic views. Henry VII received it as a fiefdom from the Bishop of Worms. Even today the original shape of the Staufer old town with its four corner towers can still been seen and is like stepping back into the Middle Ages. The gates of the Powder tower with its tower clock room are open to visitors. The town museum houses many curiosities from life on the river and the Odenwald forest. A living example of an old craft is offered by the coopering museum with a fully equipped workshop. Strolling along the winding lanes and through small squares visitors can sample the good life. A breather in one of the friendly street cafés gives a taste of the congenial Baden atmosphere.

Eberbach Familie-Skulptur2 Foto StadtEberbach-AndreasHeld  Eberbach - Neckar Promenade
Eberbach - Neckar Promenade.
Eberbach Boote Foto StadtEberbach-AndreasHeld  Eberbach - River Neckar
Eberbach - River Neckar.
Eberbach Hochwassermarken ©StadtEberbach-AndreasHeld  Eberbach - Flood Marks
Eberbach - Flood Marks.
Eberbach Familie-Pulverturm Foto StadtEberbach-AndreasHeld  Eberbach - powder tower
Eberbach - powder tower.
Eberbach Cafe-Stadtmauer Foto StadtEberbach-AndreasHeld  Eberbach - Café at the town wall
Eberbach - Café at the town wall.
Eberbach Fussgaengerzone Foto StadtEberbach-AndreasHeld  Eberbach - Old Town
Eberbach - Old Town.
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