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Roth Fabrikmuseum 2 800  Factory Museum of the Leonean Industry
Factory Museum of the Leonean Industry.

Fabrikmuseum der Leonischen Industrie

Factory Museum of the Leonean Industry - varied products as sieves, uniform effects, Christmas decoration and decorations for ships were made of aureated, silvered or galvanised copper wires. The Leonean Industry was the pre-stage for the cable industry which has developed into an important high tech branch. Because of the successful representation of the manufacturing of leonean goods and related products the Factory Museum was distinguished in 2003 with the Bavarian museum price. Most exhibits are in a functioning state.

Fabrikmuseum der Leonischen Industrie
Obere Mühle 4
91154 Roth
Telefon +49 (0) 91 71/ 6 05 64

Roth Museum Eisenhammer 2 800  Smith Working at the Fire
Smith Working at the Fire.

Museum Historischer Eisenhammer Eckersmühlen

Museum of historical iron hammer in Eckersmühlen - This industrial-historical jewel still produced until 1974. Today, it is a "living museum" in which the guests are vividly shown the art of working in a hammer mill. The iron hammer was in the possession of the family Schäff more than five generations, a far branched hammer smith's dynasty. Next to furnishings also exhibits of the historian archeologist Schäff are exhibited in the mansion. In the saw mill an exhibition shows the way „from the ore to the iron“.

Additionally, there are guided tours and course offers for children and adults.

Museum Historischer Eisenhammer Eckersmühlen
zwischen Roth und Eckersmühlen
91154 Roth
Telefon +49 (0) 91 71/ 8 13 29

Roth Schloss Ratibor Aussenansicht 800  Castle Ratibor with City Museum
Castle Ratibor with City Museum .

Museum Schloss Ratibor

Ratibor Palace with Municipal Museum - Ratibor Palace is a hunting lodge from 1537. The magnificent dining and large ceremonial room, which are reports of the impressive life style, are located on the first floor. The rooms of the castle accommodate an exciting collection of the history of the castle and of the town. The "good parlour" permits a look behind the facades of the middle-class houses. The museum also presents a toy collection and potter ceramic collection. Furthermore, there are special exhibitions on a regular basis.

Museum Schloss Ratibor
Hauptstraße 1
91154 Roth
Telefon +49 (0) 91 71/ 848-532

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