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Schloss Neuenstein

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Neuenstein Schloss  Neuenstein - Neuenstein Castle
Neuenstein - Neuenstein Castle.

Schloss Neuenstein

Hohenlohe Museum Neuenstein Castle was built during the Stauffer period as a moated castle named after the lords of Neuenstein. The House of Hohenlohe acquired the castle in 1250. In 1560 the buildings were joined together as a Renaissance residence.
After the palace was abandoned as a family residence in 1700, the building served various social purposes for many years, before a museum was installed, beginning in 1878.
Since 1946 the palace has been systematically extended into a cultural center. The heart of the museum is the cabinet of art and rare objects with outstanding works of painting, goldsmith work and ivory carving. A special attraction is the fully functional late medieval palace kitchen in its original state from 1495. The Imperial Hall contains an extensive weapons collection. Sacred Gothic artworks, the splendidly furnished Great Hall and the historic residential apartments, each furnished in the style of an individual epoch, are only a few examples of the wide span of this important collection.
Moreover, the castle houses the Central Archives of the House of Hohenlohe, one of the largest private archives in Germany.

Schloss Neuenstein
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