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Stone Age burial mounds, graves of Celtic chieftains and Roman shrines prove that Sinsheim has been settled for many thousands of years. In 770 Sinsheim was first mentioned in the Lorsch Codex (Codex Aureus Laurensius). The town’s development began with the bestowal of rights to have a market and mint coins in 1067. In 1848/49 Sinsheim was a stronghold of the Baden revolution. In 1973 Sinsheim was declared a "district capital" after the incorporation of twelve formerly independent communities. In.... [More about Sinsheim]

Sinsheim Steinsberg  Sinsheim - Steinsberg Castle
Sinsheim - Steinsberg Castle.

Burg Steinsberg

Castle Steinsberg


Castle Steinsberg, situated at 330 meter height, is a popular destination. The "compass of the Kraichgau" offers an incredible view over the Kraichgau up to the Forest of Odes. The castle complex is accessible for free at any time, the keep can be climbed.

Interesting guided tours (10 or more persons) inform the visitor not only about the building history, but also about the secrets of the former inhabitants.

The castle was first mentioned in 1109 in connection with the noble Eberhardus from the family of Werinharde. During the High Middle Ages the minnesinger Spervogel stayed in the castle and sung his songs.

In approx. 1180 the castle came into the possession of the Counts of Oettingen, who built today's original castle in 1220. The keep, which is 30 meters high, was errected from 1225 to 1250 and is unique with its octagonal floorplan. Different noble families lived on tje castle. From the 13th to the 15th century it was the seat of the Palatine administratin in the southern kraichgau. In 1517 the lords of Venningen received the property. During the Peasant War in 1525 castle Steinsberg was completely destrpyed and rebuilt. After the lightning strike in 1777 the castle was finally abandoned. In 1779 the demolition of the complex, which served as a quarry, took place in some parts. In 1973 Sinsheim City acquired the castle and renovation work was carried out extensively.



Today Steinsberg Castle is the landmark of the town of Sinsheim. Historic records about the mountain and the castle date back to the early Middle Ages. The castle was first mentioned in 1109 in connection with the nobleman Eberhard von Steinsberg. In the High Middle Ages, minnesinger Spervogel resided on the castle where he sang songs of the castle.

In circa 1180 it passed into the possession of the Counts von Oettingen who built today's main castle in ca. 1220. A unique feature is its 30-metre keep, built in ca. 1235 to 1240, with an octagonal outline. Various noble families lived in the castle. From the 13th until the 15th centuries it was the seat of a Palatine bureau for the administration of the possessions in the southern Kraichgau region. In 1517 the possession was given as a fief to the Lords of Venningen. In the German Peasants’ War 1525 Steinsberg Castle was destroyed and rebuilt. After being struck by lightning it was abandoned for good in 1777. In 1779 the castle complex was partially torn down, and from that time on served as a quarry. In 1973 the town of Sinsheim finally acquired the castle and conducted extensive restoring and securing measures.

Steinsberg Castle, located on top of a 333-metre high mountain, is a popular destination. It is called the “Compass of the Kraichgau" and commands a magnificent view of the hilly countryside of Kraichgau and the Odenwald low mountain range. A castle restaurant caters to the culinary well-being of guests. Guided tours are offered for visitors who are interested not only in the architectural history but also in the secrets of the castle’s former inhabitants.

Burg Steinsberg
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74889 Sinsheim

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