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Burg Guttenberg

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Burg Guttenberg Europaeischer Seeadler  German Falconry Centre - European sea eagle
German Falconry Centre - European sea eagle.

Deutsche Greifenwarte auf Burg Guttenberg

German Falconry Centre Guttenberg Castle

At Guttenberg Castle visitors can experience eagles, vultures and eagle owls in free flight high above the beautiful Neckar river valley every day. Whether imposing owls silently glide over the hair tips of the visitors, majestic eagles show significant dives, or mighty vultures circle over the treetops with the thermal: in front of the magnificent scenery of the castle complex, every flight becomes a unique experience. Affectionate and entertaining knowledge transfer for young and old is carried out by competent "ground staff". In the programmes for children, falconer lessons and menagerie training, you can experience the birds on a real personal level.

In the extensive aviary complexes of the German Falconry Centre, around 120 birds, large-size photos and sculptures, allow a near-natural insight in the fascinating world of the raptors.

In the nursing station injured griffins and owls find skilled assistance. In the oldest private breeding and research station projects for conservation breeding, resettlement and species protection are attended to.

Deutsche Greifenwarte auf Burg Guttenberg
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