Burg Guttenberg


Guttenberg Castle

Guttenberg Castle, located high above the Neckar River valley, belongs to the few undamaged castle buildings from the Staufer period. The castle is in the possession of the barons of Gemmingen-Guttenberg since 1449, has always been inhabited and, until today, completely preserved.

Guttenberg Castle was founded in approximately 1180. When the castle was first mentioned in 1296, it was in the possession of the lords of Weinsberg. The last lord was Conrad von Weinsberg. As royal Erbkämmerer, he had lent substantial sums of money to the king. This, however, he did not get back and, thus, came under financial pressure and was forced to sell the castle.

In 1449 Hans "the Rich" of Gemmingen bought the castle for 6.000 guldens. Through the marriage with the prosperous Katharina Landschädin von Steinach he was not only able to buy, but also to extend the castle extensively.

Already at the end of 1521, the lords of Gemmingen joined the Reformation and belonged to the first supporters of Martin Luther. From the devastations of the Peasant War, the Thirty Years War and the Palatine War of Succession Guttenberg Castle, unlike many other castles along the Neckar River, was spared by fortunate circumstances.

With the development of the grand duchy of Baden the barons of Gemmingen lost their ruling function, but kept the castle and lands. In the early 19th century, the poet Wilhelm Hauff worked as a tutor in the castle.

For the 500 anniversary of the castle in 1949, Baron Gustav of Gemmingen, the grandfather of today's lord, opened the Castle Museum and soon after the castle tavern.


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