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Burg Guttenberg Holzbibliothekklein  Wooden Library in the Castle Museum
Wooden Library in the Castle Museum.

Burgmuseum in der Burg Guttenberg

Castle Museum

The exhibition "living in a knight's castle" with exhibits from the middle ages up to the 19th century presents its visitors the history of the Barons of Gemmingen. How did you become a knight? What belonged to a knight's armament? Why were castles built? And how did the occupants of former centuries use to live? The castle's museum gives exciting answers and invides the visitor to an entertaining time travel including meetings with knights, reformers, diplomatic warlords and passionated hunters. Highlight of the castle-experience is the incomparable panoramic sight above the Neckar-valley from the 40 meters high tower.

Burgmuseum in der Burg Guttenberg
Burgstraße 1
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