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Bamberg Kreuzgang-im-DioezesanmuseumCRFrankenTourismusFotoAndreasHub  Bamberg - Cloister in the Diocesan Museum
Bamberg - Cloister in the Diocesan Museum.

Diözesanmuseum des Erzbistums

Diocesan Museum - in the former chapter house by Balthasar Neumann the Diocesan Museum shows the sacred splendour of former centuries. The main attraction is the museum's internationally prominent collection of mediaeval textiles, including the so-called imperial cloak that belonged to Heinrich II and Kunigunde, the Gunther Cloth and Clemens II.'s papal regalia. Additional exhibits include liturgical items such as the 12th century Easter candlestick, a 12th century portable altar, goblets, ostensories, crucifixes and an 18th century silver procession madonna.

Diözesanmuseum des Erzbistums
Domplatz 5
96049 Bamberg
Telefon +49 (0) 951 / 50 23-16
Telefax +49 (0) 951/ 50 23-20

WBamberg ETA Hoffmann Haus CR TKSBamberg  Bamberg - E.T.A. Hoffmann's House
Bamberg - E.T.A. Hoffmann's House.


E.T.A. Hofmann's House - in 2003 the narrow dwelling house of the author and composer E.T.A. Hoffmann was reshaped into a modern literature museum. Hoffmann occupied the second floor and loft with the "poet's little room" which is still furnished as it might have been in Hoffmann's day. The other rooms are filled with information and displays as well as installations on the author's life and work. A loge with scenery designs is reminiscent of Hoffmann's opera "Undine", whilst the interactive truth microscope links in with a motif from the fairytale "Meister Floh" (Master Flea). A mirror cabinet illustrates the artist's diversity.

Schillerplatz 26
96047 Bamberg
Telefon +49 (0) 9 51 / 29 76-200

Bamberg Gaertner-undHaeckermuseum  Bamberg - Market Gardeners' and Wine-Growers Museum
Bamberg - Market Gardeners' and Wine-Growers Museum.

Gärtner- und Häckermuseum

Market Gardeners' and Wine-Growers Museum - the working life of the market gardeners and wine-growers is revealed at the Market Gardeners' and Wine-Growers Museum. Set in a typical 18th century market gardeners' house, the museum comprises the furnished rooms of the market gardeners, and the flags and staffs of the market gardeners' and wine-growers' guild, which document their religious lives. In the market garden, liquorice is cultivated in keeping with old traditions. Liquorice was an important commodity well into the 18th century.

Gärtner- und Häckermuseum
Mittelstraße 34
96052 Bamberg
Telefon +49 (0) 951/ 30 17 94 55

Bamberg Historisches Museum CR TKSBamberg  Museum of History Bamberg
Museum of History Bamberg.

Historisches Museum

The museum in the Old Court at the Domplatz documents culture and history of Bamberg from prehistory up to the 20th century. Next to the permanent gallery "100 masterworks. From Lucas Cranach over Pieter Breughel to Otto Modersohn" and the exhibition "Culture of the citizen of Bamberg in 19th century" a special exhibition prize-winning from UNESCO "In the river of history. Bambergs lifeline Regnitz" is presented. Additionally there are special exhibitions regularly and during the christmas time there is a crib exhibition.

On account of varied creative projects and join in offers, the museum can be explored quite interactively by which everybody can form his visit individually. Children can even celebrate birthday parties here.

Historisches Museum
In der Alten Hofhaltung, Domplatz 7
96049 Bamberg
Telefon +49 (0) 9 51 / 51 90 74 6
Telefax +49 (0) 9 51/ 87 14 64

Bamberg Naturkundemuseum ©BAMBERGTourismusService GerhardSchlotzer  Bamberg - Bird Hall in the natural history museum
Bamberg - Bird Hall in the natural history museum.


Fleischstraße 2
96047 Bamberg
Telefon +49 (0) 951/ 863-1249

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