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Sky-Adventure Ballon  Experience the Castle Road from the balloon
Experience the Castle Road from the balloon.

Sky Adventure Ballonfahrten

Ballooning with Sky Adventure over Castles and Palaces

Experience a ride through the skies and discover the world from a totally new perspective. You will be thrilled, when the balloon gradually fills and stands up in front of you like a gentle giant. Float over castles and palaces with Sky Adventure along the Castle Road. Affectionately restored half-timbered houses will round off the experience during the balloon ride. Our balloon launch sites along the Castle Road, for example, below the Abenberg Castle, or directly at the Neideck Castle ruins in Franconian Switzerland, guarantee an impressive sight. This experience will be remembered by passengers for all their lives. Pure pleasure!

Balloon launches daily from April to October. Ask for our launch sites along the Castle Road.

Sky Adventure Ballonfahrten
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