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Oehringen Marktplatz GK-2018  Öhringen – market place with palace and Collegiate Church
Öhringen – market place with palace and Collegiate Church.

Öhringen is the largest town in Hohenlohe, the region between the idyllic river valleys of Kocher, Jagst and Tauber. Due to its location, the "secret capital" of Hohenlohe has always been of great importance as an administrative seat and economic centre. The market place, framed by the collegiate church, castle and half-timbered ensembles, forms the busy "living room" of Öhringen. Guests can enjoy a wide range of events, museums and, last but not least, a medieval old town with a varied mixture of cafés, restaurants and attractive shopping facilities. With the Hofgarten, the Cappelaue, the lido H2Ö and the cycle path RADius, Öhringen offers attractive local recreation oases.

The roots of the former royal seat go back to Roman times, where Öhringen first appeared in history as "Vicus Aurelianus". The Limes, now declared a World Heritage Site, now crosses the eastern part of the town. With the foundation of an Öhringen canon monastery by Emperor Adelheid in 1037, the first spiritual center was established. The construction of the collegiate church, whose striking towers still tower above the old town today, goes back to this foundation. The Barons of Weizsäcker are descended from the Öhringen collegiate preacher Christian Ludwig Friedrich Weizsäcker (1785 to 1831).

The von Hohenlohe family also had a great influence on the development of Öhringen, which from the 13th to the 19th century shaped the then already largest and most beautiful town in the region. The later princely family elevated Öhringen to a residence in the 17th century and built the castle. In 1806 Öhringen was incorporated into the new kingdom of Württemberg. In 1994, the town on the Ohrn, which has a population of around 25,000, was declared a large district town.

Oehringen Altstadt GK-2018  Öhringen – Old Town
Öhringen – Old Town.
Oehringen Kraeutergarten ©Hettenbach Stadt Oehringen  Öhringen - herb garden by the town wall
Öhringen - herb garden by the town wall.
Oehringen Stadttor2 GK-2018  Öhringen – Upper Gate
Öhringen – Upper Gate.
Oehringen Oehringen Altstadt Gasse5 GK-2018  Öhringen - Old Town
Öhringen - Old Town.
Oehringen Marktplatz6 GK-2018  Öhringen - market place
Öhringen - market place.
Oehringen Naherholungsgebiet-Cappelaue  Öhringen - local recreation area
Öhringen - local recreation area "Cappelaue".
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