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Heldburg Blick-auf-den-Ort  Heldburg - View to the Town
Heldburg - View to the Town.

Nestled among rolling hills, the municipality of Heldburg lies in the Rodach and Kreck valleys. Even from a distance the town's landmark Heldburg fortress is visible.
The small town of Heldburg, with its sleepy lanes and squares is epitomised by simple communal buildings and half-timbered houses in Franconian style. First mentioned in 837, it received a town charter in 1394, thus allowing weekly and annual markets to be held. Street names like Horse Market (Rossmarkt), Rope makers Market (Seilermarkt), Shoe Market (Schuhmarkt) and Pig Market (Schweinsmarkt) are reminders of brisk market trading. Large parts of the 15th century town wall remain, including five of the former fourteen towers and one of the two town gates. The Late Gothic town church, the rectory and the town hall form the focus of the listed historical hub of the town. Also worth seeing are the half-timbered buildings from the 19th century, such as the former ducal forestry office, the district court and the former railway station.
Where green hills glide into the flood plain of the Rodach, there lies little Bad Colberg, which in 2002 received state recognition as a spa. Three thermal mineral springs offer rest and relaxation as well as natural healing power. The rest of the area with its romantic villages is also well worth visiting. Cherished traditions, like baking and brewing festivals, funfairs and carnivals are the cornerstones of a varied cultural life.

Heldburg Kirchplatz1 GK-2019  Heldburg - Kirchplatz
Heldburg - Kirchplatz.
Heldburg Haeuser-mit-Veste  Heldburg with Heldburg Fortress
Heldburg with Heldburg Fortress.
Heldburg Fachwerk GK 2019  Heldburg
Heldburg Untertor3 GK-2019  Heldburg - Town Gate
Heldburg - Town Gate "Untertor".
Heldburg Untertor1 GK-2019  Heldburg - Town Gate
Heldburg - Town Gate "Untertor".
Heldburg Blick-durch-das-Stadttor  Heldburg - View through the town gate
Heldburg - View through the town gate.
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