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Neckarsteinach Bliggergasse  Neckarsteinach – Old Town
Neckarsteinach – Old Town.

The name of Neckarsteinach, which has had a town charter since 1377, came from the Odenwald stream, the Steinach, flowing into the Neckar. The most obvious features are the four medieval castles, which form a crown-like ribbon around the bends of the Neckar, tucked away in a heavily forested, hilly landscape, which invites you to walk and explore.
This array of four castles is unique in Germany, so that Neckarsteinach acquired the epithet "Vierburgenstadt" (The Town of Four Castles), which were built between 1180 and 1260. The constructor of all four castles was the noble feudal dynasty of Steinach, who had the family name of “Bligger”. They and the then named Steinach were first mentioned in records from 1142. The citizens of Neckarsteinach made their living from river navigation, timber rafting, forestry, tanning and trading sandstone up until the 19th century.
The four-castle town is the most southerly town of Hesse and numbers around 4,000 inhabitants. Walking to the four castles, an old town packed with history, a Nibelung garden and boat trips on the Neckar are some of the attractions for the visitor. On the five kilometre (3.1 mile) pedestrian waterfront the visitor can also find a fantastic mix of cuisines. 

Neckarsteinach is the southern entry point of the European Geo Nature Park Bergstrasse-Odenwald.

Neckarsteinach Blick-ueber-den Parkplatz-auf-den-Ort  Neckarsteinach - view to the town
Neckarsteinach - view to the town.
Neckarsteinach Ort-mit-Schiffen GK-2018  Neckarsteinach - Boat trip on the Neckar river
Neckarsteinach - Boat trip on the Neckar river.
Neckarsteinach Eckhaus GK-2018  Neckarsteinach - Half-timbered House
Neckarsteinach - Half-timbered House.
Neckarsteinach Szene-an-Kirche GK-2018
Neckarsteinach Weg-zur Burg GK-2018  Path to the castle
Path to the castle.
Neckarsteinach Neckarschleife  Neckar loop with a view of the village
Neckar loop with a view of the village.
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