Vintage car tour 4: Nuremberg – Ebern


From Kaiserburg Castle through Franconian Switzerland to World Heritage Site

What can stand more for the Castle Road than the starting point of the fourth tour, Nuremberg with the Kaiserburg? When visiting the famous landmark, not only the imposing castle complex is worth seeing, but also the permanent exhibition "Kaiser - Reich - Stadt. The Emperor's Castle Nuremberg". The route continues to Lauf an der Pegnitz, also with an imperial castle, and in a wide arc through Franconian Switzerland, which is nestled between the castle road lighthouses of Nuremberg, Bamberg and Bayreuth. Pottenstein and Rabenstein Castle in particular offer everything that makes this landscape so attractive: caves, bizarre rock formations and, last but not least, castles at dizzying heights. After the Franconian Switzerland, the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Bamberg is reached, whose Altenburg is the connecting point to the Castle Road.

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 Hotel Victoria Nürnberg

Hotel Victoria Nuremberg

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 Hotel Burg Rabenstein Ahorntal

Hotel Rabenstein Castle

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Welcome Hotel Residenzschloss Bamberg

Hotel at the Castle Road

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Tips for excursions


 Nuremberg: Museum Industriekultur und Schulmuseum
Nuremberg: Museum Industriekultur und Schulmuseum.

The museum comprises almost 6,000 square metres and is located in the hall of a former screw factory, which was part of the Julius Tafel iron works, established in 1876 and closed down in 1975. Along the so-called Museum Street, exhibits are grouped in ensembles in the historic factory building, focusing mainly on the history of industrialisation, using Nuremberg as an example.  Affiliated specialist museums provide a particular additional attraction, including the Nuremberg Motorcycle Museum, the School Museum with its historic classroom, and the "Fun Learning Lab" for hands-on fun and experiments.

Further information about the museum

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