Schlosshotel Hohenstein

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SchlosshotelHohenstein Residenzzimmer  Hohenstein Castle Hotel - Hotel room © Martin Raab Fotografie
Hohenstein Castle Hotel - Hotel room © Martin Raab Fotografie.

Romantik Hotel Schloss Hohenstein

Romantic Hotel Hohenstein Castle

The Romantic Hotel Hohenstein Castle is idyllically situated in the countryside outside the gates of the city of Coburg. The castle and the “Meierei” (dairy) guest house accommodate 17 hotel rooms of different categories; two rooms can only be reached via a historic tower.

On the piano nobile with antique furniture and baroque stucco, guests can expect stately comfort on 72 square metres. A touch of history can also be felt in the suites which include separate bedrooms. The appeal of the spacious living-sleeping area of the rooms in the Meierei lies in a successful combination of modern and historic furnishings.

Romantik Hotel Schloss Hohenstein
Hohenstein 1
96482 Ahorn
Telefon +49 9565 9393151

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