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Hohenloher-Freilandmuseum Zaisenhausen  Open air museum Wackershofen
Open air museum Wackershofen.

Hohenloher Freilandmuseum Wackershofen

The Hohenlohe Open Air Museum Wackershofen offers visitors of all ages a journey back in time to past centuries in the region. More than 70 historic buildings from the surrounding area were dismantled at their original location and rebuilt in Wackershofen. These include farms as well as mills, workshops and a railway station. The school building is particularly interesting for children. Further information

Hohenloher Freilandmuseum Wackershofen
Dorfstraße 53
74523 Schwäbisch Hall – Wackershofen
Telefon +49 (0) 791/ 97 10 10

die-ausstellung  Fire Brigade Museum
Fire Brigade Museum.

Haller Feuerwehrmuseum

Fire Brigade Museum

Devastating fires had already struck the town of Schwäbisch Hall in the 14th century. This is why the fire brigade has a long history here, which this museum is dedicated to. In the rooms, large and small can find fire extinguishers, fire helmets, fire extinguishers, miniature vehicles and much more.

Further information

Haller Feuerwehrmuseum
Ripperg 3
74523 Schwäbisch Hall
Telefon +49 (0) 791 9782140

Touristik und Marketing Schwäbisch Hall

"Explore the city with Haal-Ghost Otto"

At this city searching-game, which is available at the tourist-information at the marketplace, children explore the city on their own and answer questions to the history of Schwäbisch Hall.

City exploring-game for children aged 10 years and older

>> Download

Touristik und Marketing Schwäbisch Hall
Hafenmarkt 3
74523 Schwäbisch Hall
Telefon +49 (0) 791 / 751-600

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