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Mosbach Rathaus  Mosbach – Town Hall and Palm'sches Haus
Mosbach – Town Hall and Palm'sches Haus.

Mosbach lies between the Odenwald forest and the Neckar river. Romantic castles, steep wooded slopes, historical small towns - a charming journey through the Neckar valley between Heilbronn and Heidelberg. Among the attractive destinations along the way is Mosbach. The location of Mosbach is characterised by the steep wooded slopes of the Odenwald. The main street of the old town is a procession of half-timbered houses with pointed and wide gables; centuries-old wooden buildings in grey, black and red tones form a uniform backdrop. This collection and special 'gems' such as the "Palm'sche House", one of the finest half-timbered houses in Baden-Württemberg, have led to Mosbach becoming the starting point of the German Half-Timbered House Road, Neckar-Black Forest. Among the sights in the restored, pedestrianised old town are the town hall, erected in 1557 on the foundation wall of a church and the abbey church from the 14th century. In the town museum alongside rustic life and crafts you can marvel at a large faience collection (tin-glazed earthenware). The jars, dishes and bowls were fired in a Mosbach pottery in the 18th century. Thanks to its completeness the Gutleut complex from the 15th century in the north of the town, ranks among the best preserved examples in Baden-Württemberg. Due to the fact that they are intact and well preserved, the frescoes from 1496 on the inside of the chapel are of enormous art historical value.

Mosbach Palmsches-Haus  Mosbach - Market Place from the Bird's Eye View
Mosbach - Market Place from the Bird's Eye View.
Mosbach Marktplatz2  Mosbach -
Mosbach - "Palm'sches Haus".
Mosbach Luftbild-Marktplatz  Mosbach - Market Place
Mosbach - Market Place.
Mosbach Haus Kickelhain  Mosbach -
Mosbach - "Kickelhain" House.
Mosbach Blumenmarkt  Mosbach - Flower Market
Mosbach - Flower Market.
Mosbach Kiwwelschisser Brunnen  Mosbach - Fountain
Mosbach - Fountain.
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