Fränkische Schweiz


Franconian Switzerland lies in a triangle between Nuremberg (Nürnberg), Bamberg and Bayreuth. The image of this holiday region has been shaped by strange towering cliffs, idyllic orchards, romantic fortresses, enchanting caves and picturesque mills.

The Castle Road passes through ten destinations worth seeing in Franconian Switzerland: Forchheim with the "Imperial Palace", the "Heart of Franconian Switzerland" the town of Ebermannstadt, Muggendorf-Streitberg with the Bing Cave (Binghöhle), Egloffstein in the Trubach valley, Gössweinstein with the pilgrimage basilica created by Balthasar Neumann, Pottenstein with a 1000 year-old castle and the Devil's Cave (Teufelshöhle), Waischenfeld, Aufsess with the highest density of breweries in Germany, Heiligenstadt with the Greifenstein Castle and Memmelsdorf with the Seehof Palace.

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