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Žebrák Castle was founded in the second half of the 13th century. It became the property of the king in 1341 and Charles IV often stayed there. A fire broke out in the building in 1532, the consequences of which the castle never got over. Two cylindrical towers remained of the castle, as the most notable part, one of which is used nowadays as a lookout tower. The remains of a winding stone staircase and the area of the former fireplace can be found in the remains of the adjacent palace..... [More about Zdice]

Zebrak und Tocnik neu  Zdice - Žebrák Castle
Zdice - Žebrák Castle .

Burg Bettlern

Žebrák Castle was founded in the second half of the 13th century. In 1341 the castle became the property of the king and was frequently used by Charles IV. In 1532 a fire broke out in the castle, from which it never really recovered. Two cylindrical towers, one of which serves as a lookout, have remained as the most distinctive parts of Žebrák Castle. The torso of the adjacent palace hides the remnants of a spiral stone staircase and room of the former so-called flame chamber.

Burg Bettlern

Burg Tocnik neu07  Zdice - Točník castle (Hrad Točník)
Zdice - Točník castle (Hrad Točník).

Burg Totschnik

Točník Castle is considered as one of the most extensive ruins in Bohemia. It was founded under Václav IV prior to the year 1398. In the 16th century, initial Renaissance modifications were carried out, followed by further modifications carried out by Jan the Older von Lobkowicz. During his period of administration the Renaissance mural-painting decoration was created. Of the castle complex only a main torso fragment has remained until today, however, visitors are especially impressed and amazed by the castle’s architectural eloquence, old-fashionedness and romantic character.

Burg Totschnik
Hrad Točník a Žebrák
Točník č.p. 1
26751 Zdice
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