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The Classicist Kozel Chateau is deservedly one of the most frequently visited monument buildings in West Bohemia. It was built at the end of the 18th century under the management of the builder, Václav Haberditz as a one-storey building with four wings around a rectangular inner courtyard. The chateau complex was extended according to a design by Ignác Palliardi to include two pairs of buildings. These are the chapel with riding hall opposite and the stable with building for footmen. The Prague-based.... [More about Štáhlavy]

KOZEL  Štáhlavy - Kozel palace (Zámek Kozel)
Štáhlavy - Kozel palace (Zámek Kozel).

Schloss Kozel

The classicist palace of Kozen is considered to be one of the most-visited historical monuments of Western Bohemia - and rightly so. At the end of the 18th century it was built as a ground-floor, four-winged edifice with a rectangular courtyard under the supervision of the builder Vaclav Haberditz. According to the design of I. Palliardi the palace complex was expanded by a further two pairs of buildings: the chapel and the opposite riding school, horse stables and the opposite footman’s quarters. Decoration of the palace’s interior was predominantly influenced by Antonin Tuvor, the Prague painter and interior designer, who adorned all of the rooms in the “al secco” technique. The original furniture constitute unique examples of arts and crafts of the eras of rococo and classicism. The palace is surrounded by a large-scale and valuable landscaped garden.

Schloss Kozel
Zámek Kozel
33203 Štáhlavy
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