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The first written record of a fortress on the site of the current Sokolov castle dates from 13th April 1279. After the Hussite wars (a series of conflicts in the 15th century caused by the rise of the Hussites in Bohemia and Moravia), from which it was spared, Kaspar Schlik acquired lordship of Sokolov in 1434. The Schlik family built a castle in 1480 which was almost completely square in layout with four corner towers; providing the foundations of today’s castle buildings. Jan Albin, the last.... [More about Sokolov]

Sokolov SchlossKlein  Sokolov - Sokolov Castle
Sokolov - Sokolov Castle.

Schloss Sokolov

A fortified settlement on the site of the present-day Sokolov Chateau first arose around the important provincial crossroads. The oldest written record of Sokolov is from 13 th April 1279 when the Nothaft brothers, who used the title "of Sokolov" ("de Walchenawe"), are referred to in connection with trade negotiations. At that time there was evidently a water tower which served as a manor house, as archeological research has shown. A circular peripheral fortification wall (with a diameter of 42 metres) was erected to encircle the residential palace with a rectangular ground plan. The Hussite wars had no effect on the fate of the manor and the Sokolov estate was subsequently acquired by Kašpar Šlik. Around 1480, the Šliks reconstructed the stronghold as a castle with an almost square ground plan and with four corner towers, which provided the basis for the present-day chateau. The last Sokolov lord of the Šlik line was Jan Albín, who was one of the leaders of the Rising of the Bohemian Estates in 1618. After the defeat of the uprising in the decisive Battle of the White Mountain on 8.11.1620, Jan Albín Šlik escaped abroad. Sokolov Castle together with its entire estate was immediately confiscated from the Šliks in 1621 and in 1622 it was sold to the Nostitzes. Sokolov Castle was completely destroyed during the Thirty Years' War and so its owner Jan Hartvik Nostitz had it rebuilt in late Renaissance style as a comfortable chateau. This reconstruction took place from 1659 to 1663. Around 1730 the surrounding area of the chateau was landscaped in the style of a French garden with rich sculptural ornamentation. From 1800 to 1805, the enlightened Count Bed řich Nostitz-Rieneck had the chateau entirely renovated in Classicist style. Minor building alterations were carried out in 1870, and around 1880 the old roofs of the chateau towers were replaced by tent-shaped roofs, which have been preserved down to the present day. In the 1970s, the facades and interiors were repaired while the ground floor of the chateau was converted into a ceremonial hall and prestige municipal facilities. However, the repairs were of a low standard and rather insensitive to the historical importance of the chateau. From 1993 to 1994, the chateau underwent more general repairs. This last renovation respects the early 19 th century Classicist architectural character of the building. of the building.

Schloss Sokolov
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