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      Castles and Palaces

Over a thousand years of the history of Prague, the "Golden City", began with the building of Prague Castle of Vyšehrad on the Hradčany in the late 9th century. Here according to legend the Bohemian Countess Libuše foretold Prague's renown: "I see a large city whose fame will reach to the stars." She was not wrong. Charles IV, King of Bohemia, was also a Holy Roman Emperor, and Prague was his capital. Even today the castle is Prague’s landmark; year after year millions of tourists still flock.... [More about Praha]

Prag Palastgaerten Treppe800  Prague- Palace Gardens
Prague- Palace Gardens .

Prager Palastgärten

Prager Palastgärten
Zahrady pod Pražským hradem
Valdštejnská 14
118 0 118 00 Praha – Malá Strana
Telefon Büro +420 257 010 402, Kasse +420 257 21