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Lázně Kynžvart

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In the middle of the triangle of West Bohemian Spas in the Karlovy Vary Region, lies Kynžvart Chateau. The chateau was rebuilt for the Austrian State Chancellor, Prince Klemens W. Lothar von Metternich - Winneburg, by the architect Pietro Nobile in the style of Viennese classicism in 1821-1839. The chancellor’s library is one of the most important libraries in Europe. It contains over 12,000 titles in 24,000 volumes. The 160 manuscripts include a unique fragment of the Old Testament dating back.... [More about Lázně Kynžvart]

Koenigswart-Kynzvart-Schlos  Lázně Kynžvart - Kynžvart Palace (Zámek Kynžvart)
Lázně Kynžvart - Kynžvart Palace (Zámek Kynžvart).

Schloss Königswart

The Kynzvart Castle is situated in the center of the triangle of Western Bohemian spas in Region Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad). The castle was remodelled in the Viennese Classical Style between 1821 and 1839 by Pietro Nobile for the State Chancellor of Austria, Prince Clemens W. Lothar of Metternich - Winneburg. The Chancellor’s Library ranks among the most significant libraries in the Europe, containing more than 12,000 titles in 24,000 volumes. Among its 160 manuscripts there is a unique fragment of the Old Testament dating back to the late 8th century. 230 incunabula in 145 volumes represent one of the largest collections of incunabula (a book(s) printed before 1501). The most precious manuscripts and prints originated in the abolished library of the Benedictine monastery at Ochsenhausen (Swabia, Germany). The Old Curiosity Cabinet is one of the oldest public museums throughout Europe. Its inception is connected with Karl Huss, the last executioner employed by the town of Cheb and a renowned regional historian and philosopher. His collections of coins, products of nature and historic curiosities became the foundations of Kynzvart Castle's museum. The castle park (300 ha) was laid out by the Viennese court gardener Riedl. Directly opposite to the castle, Chancellor Metternich ordered to erect a group of farmstead outbuildings. In the close vicinity of the castle, several structures were remodelled, inclusive of the gardener's villa with a greenhouse, the brewery and the gamekeeper's lodge. Dating back to the late 18th century, the ancient mill and the shingle-roofed smithy were also refurbished. At that time, the southernmost border of the park was constituted by a ridge above the brewery, featuring a tea-house built in the Imperial Style and the forest chapel of the Holy Cross which replaced the former Baroque hermitage.

Schloss Königswart
Zámek Kynžvart (Schloss Königswart)
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