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The Royal Castle of Křivoklát was probably created on this site sometime around 1230. The castle underwent its second, early Gothic, construction phase under the reign of Přemysl Otakar II. Further extensions and reconstruction work relate to the Luxemburg family and the castle experienced one phase of reconstruction work under the reign of Wenceslas IV. After reconstruction in the late Gothic style under the reign of Vladislav Jagello, Křivoklát became one of the most magnificent residences.... [More about Křivoklát]

KrivoklatkleinCZ  Křivoklát - Křivoklát  Castle (Hrad Křivoklát)
Křivoklát - Křivoklát Castle (Hrad Křivoklát).

Burg Pürglitz

The royal castle was probably built on this site ca. 1230. During the reign of Přemysl Otakar II a second early-Gothic construction phase began. The castle was probably further expanded and modernized by the Luxembourgers, also reconstructed under Wenceslaus IV. Reconstruction in the late-Gothic style during the reign of Wladislaw Jagello turned Křivoklát into one of the most magnificent residences of its time. Under the rule of the Fürstenbergs, who owned the castle since 1773, the domain experienced a revival, and the castle was completely restored after a fire in 1826. Some valuable interior furnishings have remained preserved in the castle's rooms. Especially impressive are the castle chapel with its late-Gothic sculptural and pictorial decoration and King’s Hall with the stellar vault. A tour of the castle includes the chapel, King’s Hall and Knights’ Hall, library, inner bailey, dungeon and the Great Tower offering a panoramic view and housing a collection of hunting weapons.

Burg Pürglitz
Hrad Křivoklát
Křivoklát č.p. 47
27023 Křivoklát
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