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Bečov nad Teplou

      Castles and Palaces

The castle was built in the 14th century on an important crossroads of trade routes of the Lords of Osek, who owned it for almost 200 years. The castle experienced its greatest boom in the 15th and beginning of the 16th century while owned by the Pluh family from Rabštejn, who made their fortune through mining of sliver and tin in the surrounding area. The Renaissance palace, which bears the name of the Lords of Pluh, also dates back to that time. The lower chateau, which is now open to the public,.... [More about Bečov nad Teplou]

Becov Schloss Burg klein  Bečov nad Teplou - Bečov Castle and palace (Hrad a zámek Bečov)
Bečov nad Teplou - Bečov Castle and palace (Hrad a zámek Bečov).

Burg und Schloss Petschau

The castle was built in 14th century on an important crossroads by the House of Osek, who owned the estates about 200 years. The biggest development of the castle happened in the 15th and at the beggining of the 16th century in the possesion of the House of Pluhs of Rabštejn. From that time comes the rennaisance palace, which carries the name of the Lord of Pluh. In the baroque period the Lower Chateau was built, which is now open to the public. In the end of the 19th century some romantic changes were made. The panorama of the area belongs to the most impressive ones in the surroundings. The castle is now closed because of the restoration works. In the castle was found under dramatical circumstances the roman reliquary of St. Maurus, one of the most valuable ones in Europe. It is displayed together with the exposition in the Lower Chateau. The visitors can also admire the well preserved furnishing of the rooms from the 19th century here. The garden terraces offer a beautiful view on the valley and the town.

Burg und Schloss Petschau
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