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Tour 7


On the Road between Cheb and Prag

15 castles and palaces- 412 kilometres 

From Bayreuth the Castle Road continues through the Fichtel Mountains to Cheb. This city with its castle and its magnificent marketplace with the building ensemble "Stöckl" serves as the start of this tour. Then the tour crosses the prominent "spa triangle" Franzensbad, Karlsbad and Marienbad.

Loket- already during Goethe's time it was a destination of the Karlsbad spa guests- the incredible story of the reliquary of the Holy Maurus in Becˇov as well as the curiosity cabinett at palace Königswart are the next attractions along the way.

Passing palace Maneˇtin, the tour continues to the moated castle Švihov, the filming location of the popular fairy tale film "Three Wishes For Cinderella". Like pearls on a chain the flower castle Nebílovy, the lively palace Kozel, the baroque palace Horˇovice and the castles Krˇívoklat, Žebrák und Tocˇník follow. From castle Karlštejn, the impressive symbol of millennial history, the tour's destination is not far.

Here, the Prague Palace Gardens with its terraces await the visitor and provide a delicate final: No other location offers such a beautiful view over Prague's old city!