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Langenburg Stadttor

Stadt Langenburg

The small residential town with its magnificent castle, the German Car Museum and the historic old town invites you to dream. Also worth seeing are the town church and the lion smithy, a historic farrier's and wagon smithy from the time before the electrification of the working machines. The history of the town comes to life in guided tours of the town or tours of the writer Agnes Günther and the philosopher Carl Julius Weber. Beautiful hotels, traditional guesthouses, cafes and guesthouses offer a variety of opportunities to linger and enjoy. Relaxation, wellness, nature - at Mawell Resort you can take a break. Well-signposted circular hiking trails and the spiritual paths of silence lead you through almost untouched nature and to idyllic suburbs such as Bächlingen and Unterregenbach. On scenic country routes you experience magnificent landscapes, defiant castles and palaces and original farming villages.

Stadt Langenburg
Hauptstraße 15
74595 Langenburg
Telefon +49 (0) 7905 / 9102-0

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