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Schloss Heinsheim

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The castle complex Heinsheim Palace has been privately owned by the barons of Racknitz since 1720. As an ideal place of retreat surrounded by a green counryside, Heinsheim accommodates a stylish hotel. Tranquility, contemplation and mental health serve as important aspects for which seminars can also be booked..... [More about Schloss Heinsheim]

SchlossHeinsheim Schlossansicht  Bad Rappenau - Heinsheim Castle
Bad Rappenau - Heinsheim Castle .

Schloss Heinsheim

Heinsheim Castle is idyllically located in a large park and has accommodated a stylish hotel and restaurant for more than 50 years. The facility conveys a tranquil atmosphere of a stately manor. The castle can be reached in a five to ten minutes walk from the excursion boat's dock on the Neckar.

Originally, castle Ehrenberg, which is located high above town, used to be the manor of Heinsheim. The Lords of Ehrenberg were Hohenstaufen followers. Thus, the facility is directly related to the Imperial Palace in Bad Wimpfen. After the extinction of the Lords of Ehrenberg at the end of the 17th century, the history of the Racknitz family begins in Heinsheim with Philipp Wilhelm von Racknitz around 1720. The Racknitz family originates from Styria and still lives in Heinsheim.

The main building of the palace complex was built in the early 18th century in baroque style. The baroque palace chapel was already built in 1706. Major changes occurred after 1810 under the farmer, winemaker, horse breeder and architect Carl Freiherr von Racknitz. He expanded the main building with the side wings and several farm buildings and created a vineyard. Thanks to him, there is also the generous park-like garden which still characterizes the image of the palace complex.

During the First and Second World War Heinsheim Palace was spared devastation. Today's use as a hotel originally started with a disaster: When the cowshed had burned down in 1953, Phillip Freiherr von Racknitz and his wife decided to expand the hotel business, which had started in 1952. The well-kept park, which was forbidden to walk on "at a 45 Kreuzer punishment", turned into an oasis for hotel guests.

Wedding ceremony options at Heinsheim Castle:
- in a chapel/in a room
- Protestant, Catholic and civil marriages
- wedding packages offered

Business meetings and celebrations at Heinsheim Castle:
- 6 rooms - 30 - 230 sqm
- capacity according to seating:
  indoors: up to 180 persons, outdoors: up to 100 persons
- garden, terrace, wine cellar

Schloss Heinsheim
Hotel Schloss Heinsheim
Gundelsheimer Straße 36
74906 Bad Rappenau-Heinsheim
Telefon +49 (0) 72 64/ 9 50 30
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