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The Castle Road


then and now

On the 10th March 1954 the cities Mannheim, Heidelberg, Heilbronn, Rothenburg o.d.T., Ansbach and Nürnberg merged in order to form a joint venture. Their aim was to open up the attractive holiday- and excursionareas to the left and to right of this compound , which then ran as the only west-east-direction, for tourists.

At the beginning of the 90's it was made possible through the opening of the border to establish new contacts with the Czech Republic. The negotiations were successful and, thus, in 1994, the year of the 40th anniversary of the Castle Road, the extension to the  "Golden City" of Prague succeeded. From originally 320 kilometers nearly 1.000 had become.

Coburg, Kronach, Kulmbach with its imposing fortifications as well as the world heritage city of Bamberg and "Wagner City" Bayreuth were added between Nürnberg and Bayreuth by the extension and additionally enriched the Castle Road offers.

Even today there is constant work going on for the further development of the Castle Road. To meet the current market requirements the joint vernture turned into an association in the year 2000. Currently, in particular the Czech section is being redesigned and optimized. This is why the Castle Road, for their 50th anniversary in the year 2004, could present itself as an international touristic route with additional attractions.