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Not quite at the Castle Road, but very close, there is a big activity-exhibition for children aged 4 years and older from October 1st, 2017 until April 8th, 2018. "Welcome to the castle" it says, when the exhibition "The Knights. Life in the castle" in the old palace in Stuttgart is shown.
What did a knight do all day long? Who else lived in the castle? Which tasks did the girls have? - all these questions are examined. Stagings and more than 60 activity stations explain everything about the education, the training and the daily life of a knight to the young visitors. Further information (only in German)


Travel packages for individualists

Obrázek:  Heidelberg - view to the Old Bridga and the Old Town

Tailored to the wishes of our guests, "Academy Reisen" from Heidelberg initially offers an extensive selection of bookable tours along the Castle Raod - from two overnight stays up to one week and longer. The journeys can be booked on request and are devised for self-driving guests, that are travelling with their own car or with a rented car, which can also be booked if requested. Further information and booking


Roadtrip with the caravan

Obrázek:  Roadtrip with the caravan